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What are various clan roles in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game in which players can build Clans, a community of up to 50 players. Clans are ranked based on how many individual player trophies each clan member has. Every month, top Clans are rewarded with gems to show appreciation for the users' achievements.

Players must achieve specified pre-requisites to join Clans, such as trophies, a minimum town hall level, a league, and builder base trophies. If players achieve these criteria, they can join any Clan, occupy positions as leaders, co-leaders, elders, and members, and contribute to the clan's success.


Various Clan Roles in Clash of Clans

Each Clan Role has its own set of obligations, tasks, and powers, and each role has a maximum limit. By tapping a clanmate's profile or a Clan profile, players can learn about their Clan Role.

4) Members

You will immediately earn membership as you join a clan in Clash of Clans. Even if you have previously served as an Elder, Co-Leader, or Leader in another or the same clan, you will always begin as a Member when you join a clan. Members can only donate and request troops; they cannot launch clan wars or kick anyone out.


3) Elders

Elder is the third highest post in the Clan, just above the Member position. It gives players various powers like inviting new players and many more. There is no limit to the number of Elders.


Kick members (Once every 20 minutes)


Invite new players to the Clan

Accept new player requests if the Clan is an invite-only Clan

2) Co-Leader

Coming soon!!! Clan Leader can send messages directly to Clan Members' inboxes!!
9:27 AM · Apr 13, 2013

The Co-Leader has more responsibilities than the Elder, while lesser than the Leader. As the Co-Leaders of the clan have significant power, it is one of the most prestigious positions in a clan. Usually, trusted and experienced players are offered the position of Co-Leader in a clan.


Invite new players and accept new player invites from the clan chat.

Promote any player to the position of Co-Leader.

Kicking players out of the Clan.

Send Clan messages.

Decide the number of players to start Clan Wars and Clan War League

1) Leader

We just added one change to the list:

If the Clan Leader leaves the Clan, the Leader MUST assign a new Leader before they are able to leave the Clan.
6:29 AM · Jun 6, 2018

The clan's leader bears the most duty and has the most power. Clan Leader's post is the highest in the Clan, and only one player can hold it.


Promote and demote Co-Leaders, Elders, and Members.

Promote someone to the post of Leader by demoting themselves.

Kick out any player.

Accept and decline new player requests.

Start Clan Wars and Clan War League.

Register for Friendly Wars.

Send clan messages and clan mails (One mail per hour).

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