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2022 Japanese GP (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Top 7 F1 drivers with most GP wins in rainy conditions

When it comes to motorsports, there is no better sight than an F1 driver taming the elements of nature as they go for glory on the most iconic circuits around the globe. While many drivers have won on a dry track, there are only a select few drivers who have mastered the art of wet-weather racing.

Driving in rainy conditions requires exceptional skill, finesse, and mental fortitude. One has to dynamically adapt to the changing conditions as the grip on the track keeps varying. Drivers have to find the right balance of risk and reward.


Throughout the history of the sport, only a few drivers have braved the conditions and emerged as winners on multiple occasions. These drivers have shown unparalleled levels of skill and bravery. These characteristics separate the great from the good.

Let us take a look at the most successful F1 drivers in wet races.


#7 Fernando Alonso

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Fernando Alonso finds himself seventh on the list with four wins out of 42 wet-weather races in his career. The Spaniard has a win percentage of 9.76 percent.

Alonso's most recent wet weather masterclass came in the 2022 Canadian GP. In a wet qualifying session, he navigated the treacherous conditions with a stunning lap that put his Alpine on the front row.

The two-time world champion is one of the most adaptable drivers on the grid.


#6 Damon Hill

Damon Hill is sixth on the list with four wins in 19 wet races. Hill is ahead of Alonso as he has a higher win percentage of 21.05 percent.

The 1996 world champion had demonstrated his wet-weather racing skills on multiple occasions with different teams. The Brit's heroics in the rain-affected 1994 Japanese GP is one of his most famous wins in wet conditions.

Hill also won the 1998 Belgian GP, which is remembered as one of the most chaotic wet-weather races in F1.

#5 Max Verstappen

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Max Verstappen is the youngest active driver on the grid with five victories in 16 races. He also has an impressive win percentage of 31.25 percent.

The Dutchman is currently regarded as the best wet-weather driver on the grid. With his brilliant drive in the rain-affected 2016 Brazilian GP, Verstappen had made it clear early in his career that he was one of the best in such conditions.

He recently showcased his prowess in the wet weather for the 2022 Japanese GP and this year on the streets of Monaco.

#4 Jenson Button

Jenson Button winner of the 2011 Canadian GP

Jenson Button was one of the best wet-weather drivers in the 21st century. Button has seven wins out of 39 wet races. He has a 17.95 winning percentage in these conditions.

Button won his first race in wet conditions, taking a shock win at the 2006 Hungarian GP. However, his most memorable race win in such conditions came in the 2011 Canadian GP, where he emerged as the winner of the longest-ever F1 race.

#3 Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna is widely regarded as the best wet-weather driver in the history of the sport. The legendary driver won 10 races out of 17 starts in wet conditions. He has the highest winning percentage of 55.56 in such conditions.

Senna was the true 'rainmaster' as his abilities on a wet track were unmatched by any driver on the grid during his times. The Brazilian announced his arrival to the F1 world with a brilliant drive in the rain-hit 1984 Monaco GP.

#OnThisDay, Monaco, 1984

A legend announced himself to the world in style

Ayrton Senna upset the status quo and grabbed a podium in the rain

The three-time world champion's first lap heroics in the 1993 European GP, at Donnington Park, will forever remain one of the best opening laps in F1.


#2 Lewis Hamilton

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Lewis Hamilton is one of the best wet-weather drivers as he has shown his acumen in such conditions on multiple occasions. Hamilton takes the runner-up spot with 13 wins in 37 wet race starts. He has an impressive win percentage of 35.14 percent.

Hamilton had demonstrated his exceptional wet-weather driving skills in his rookie year. Since then, he has dominated such races, with his matured driving style as he strikes the right balance between caution and speed.

His sensational drive from 14th to victory in rainy conditions in the 2018 German GP is one of his most famous race wins.

#1 Michael Schumacher

Seven-time World champion Michael Schumacher needs no further introduction as he is well-known the 'rainmaster'. The German driver has won 16 out of 44 wet-weather races.

Schumacher's skill in wet conditions was unparalleled throughout his career. He usually dominated wet races with his competitors nowhere near his lap times.

Michael Schumacher earned a reputation as the 'rainmaster' with his first win for Ferrari in the torrential rains at the 1996 Spanish GP. His brilliant drive in the 1997 Belgian GP is equally legendary.

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