Fortnite Chapter 3 has been filled with lucky moments (Image via Epic Games)

10 Luckiest Fortnite moments caught on clip, ranked

There's a certain amount of luck required to win a Fortnite match. Though a player's skill plays the biggest part, almost no victory comes without a bit of luck. Nobody is going to be the best player in every match and they're not going to play perfectly, either.

All players have their lucky moments, but few are able to capture their exceptional moments on camera. On that note, here are some great examples of the luckiest moments captured in Fortnite Chapter 3.



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Luckiest Fortnite moments captured on-screen in Chapter 3


10) Banhammer

Epic Games is often quick with the banhammer. They do not tolerate cheating of any kind, so when one player was facing two in a solo match, they stepped in to help. The player hid behind a wall before both were struck with a ban, resulting in a victory for the gamer left.

It pays to not cheat, especially in this case.


9) Pizza Man


NPCs can be pretty helpful, but none more helpful than this one. A player was knocked out and certain to be finished before the nearby NPC pulled out a pistol and eliminated their opponent. It was one of the luckiest moments in Fortnite history and fortunately, it was captured on camera.

8) Siege Cannon

Siege Cannon is a new addition to the game and provides a bit of mobility for gamers. Evidently, they can also provide a swift return to the lobby. In this case, a player aimed just right and eliminated someone with their body while crashing through the wall.

7) Dropped crown

Victory Crown (Image via Epic Games)

One Fortnite gamer found themselves in a 1v1 for the Victory Royale when the opponent inexplicably dropped a Victory Crown (5:08 mark in the video). In doing so, they announced their presence inside the bush, which allowed the player to get a kill via remote explosives.

6) Mantling forever

Adjunto a continuación la secuencia mencionada anteriormente para que evaluéis la gravedad del asunto. @Fortnite_ES
2:07 AM · Mar 26, 2022

Now, time for something unlucky.

Mantling has been a great introduction this season, but not even that could save this ill-placed landing. One player found the perfectly imperfect spot to land and mantled several times before ultimately falling to his death. He tried as hard as he could to get up, but could not.

5) Ninja rocket

Anvil Rocket Launcher (Image via Epic Games)

The Anvil Rocket Launcher has been a nice counter to vehicles this season. Ninja used it perfectly by launching the car into the sky (6:18 mark). It then exploded, dropping the driver out. Ninja shot them down mid-air, making one the best and luckiest Fortnite sequences yet.

4) Shockwave glitch

Shockwave grenade (Image via Epic Games)

Shockwave grenades returned this season, but they evidently brought Fortnite glitches, too. One player shockwaved his enemy to the edge of the storm where they froze for an easy final kill. It's likely been patched, but still was one of the luckiest glitches ever (6:45).

3) Off the wall

Siege Cannons are most commonly used for mobility. However, they do have pretty good offensive capabilities. What one might not expect is to hit the explosive off the blimp and into an opponent, but that's what this Fortnite player did. He banked it off the wall, eliminating his opponent.

2) Battle Bus trade

Battle Bus (Image via Epic Games)

Kill trading is very rare and difficult to do, but it is possible. If it happens on camera, that's even more rare. What leoisdoggo caught on camera (7:49), with two players killing each other with each battle bus turret, is the rarest kill trade possibly ever seen.

1) Siege Cannon fall damage

Siege Cannon (Image via Epic Games)

Siege Cannons are great because they remove fall damage. This evidently stays true even if players launch themselves into a build. The build gets destroyed, which sends everyone to the ground. The launched Fortnite player lands safely, but another hit the ground hard and died (8:10).

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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