Fortnite player boosted his rank from Bronze to Unreal in just seven hours (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite player reaches Unreal rank in less than 7 hours, sets a new world record

Fortnite's ranked mode has turned out to be a huge success. It's been out for only a few weeks. Yet, many players have already hit the Unreal rank, the highest rank in the game. One player has even managed to boost his rank from Bronze to Unreal in just seven hours, showing how easy it is to hit the maximum rank with skills.

This impressive feat was achieved by Winter, a streamer with around 22,500 followers on Twitch. The player was initially given the Platinum rank, but he had to "reverse boost" himself and lose on purpose to go down to the Bronze rank.


In the end, the player needed only six hours and 30 minutes to complete the speed run, which turned out to be the world record.

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Reaching the Unreal rank in Fortnite is possible in under seven hours


The talented Fortnite player was given the Platinum I rank after playing his first ranked match. Due to this, he had to lose games on purpose to decrease his rank to Bronze III. He did so by dying right off the spawn.


In his first game, Winter had 32 eliminations, which was impressive. He ended up winning the game and increasing his rank to Silver I. He nearly reached Silver II as he was 94% done with Silver I.

After his second game and 30-elimination victory, the player reached the Silver III rank and then the Gold I rank after his third straight win.

The player had three straight wins with 30 or more eliminations (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite player did not win every single game. However, he had a lot of eliminations in each game, which positively impacted his rank. Additionally, Winter played the Squads game mode. He initially played Solo-Squads but then teamed up with other players.


In his last game, Winter finished third, and his squad had three eliminations. However, this was enough to get his rank from 87% Champion to Unreal.

Reverse boosting might become a big problem in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

While going from Bronze to Unreal is impressive, what the Fortnite player did may not be acceptable. He manipulated his rank to match up with lower-skilled opponents and level up. In the process of doing this, Winter ruined the fun for many other players who tried to rank up.

Reverse boosting might become a serious problem if players keep doing it. However, Epic Games will likely do something about this and potentially suspend players manipulating their matchmaking rating in the ranked mode.

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