A new bundle is also up for grabs (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire Booyah Wish event rewards: Booyah emote, Gloo Wall, AUG gun skin, and more

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Free Fire Booyah Day events are just around the horizon, and gamers are in for a treat with a boatload of cosmetic items heading their way. With leaks regarding the Booyah day items coming in a few weeks ago and developers releasing a sneak peek of the calendar, players are finding it difficult to contain their excitement.

Much to the players' delight, the developers have introduced a new Booyah Wish to Free Fire. During the event, users stand a chance to acquire Booyah-themed items, including an outfit, emote, gloo wall, and more, by spending diamonds.


Booyah Wish event brings in themed cosmetics in Free Fire

The new event has started today (Image via Free Fire)

The Booyah Wish event kicked off today, i.e., 10 November 2021, and will continue until 16 November 2021. While the event is active, gamers will have to wish for a chance to attain the grand prize of the exclusive Power of Booyah Bundle.

A single wish is valued at 20 diamonds, while the pack of 10+1 wishes (total 11) would set them back by 200 diamonds.


However, in the Booyah Wish event similar to the Faded Wheel, the items that the players already own in the Unique Prize pool are excluded. As a result, the overall probability of attaining the grand prize is increased.

Prize pool


Unique Prizes

Here is a list of all the Unique Prizes in the event:

Power of Booyah BundleBooyah emote
Gloo Wall — Booyah DayAUG Booyah Day
Baby Shark emoteDetective Panda
Petskin: Booyah PandaKatana Booyah Day
Pan Booyah DayBooyah Hunter backpack
The Hungry Pumpkin backpackHaunting Night backpack
Haunted Dawn surfboardBooyah Victor surfboard
The Death Skull parachuteBooyah Day parachute
Booyah Day 2020 bannerHaunting Night Banner
Grenade Booyah DayBooyah Day Loot Crate

Normal Prizes


The normal items that players can attain via the event are as follows:

Cube FragmentDiamond Royale Voucher
Weapon Royale VoucherGold Royale Voucher
Blood Moon Scar CrateLightning MP40 Crate
Evil Pumpkin AK CrateBumblebee Gun Crate
Deadly Bat Gun CratePet Food
Resupply MapScan
50x Universal Fragments50x Memory Fragment (Jota)
50x Memory Fragment (Luqueta)50x Memory Fragment (D-bee)
50x Memory Fragment (Xayne)50x Memory Fragment (Maro)

Players are not guaranteed to attain a given item in a specific number of attempts. So while some might attain the Power of Booyah Bundle using a few hundred diamonds, others might require even more.

Steps to access the event to attain the rewards

Users are required to follow the series of steps listed below to get the rewards:

Step 1: Players can load up Free Fire and straight away head to the events section.

Visit the Booyah wish event interface (Image via Free FIre)

Step 2: Select Booyah Wish under the News tab to visit the event interface.

Make the preferred number of wishes (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Users can make the preferred number of wishes to get the prizes.

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