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Watch: Conor McGregor has fun showing off his acting skills

It appears that Conor McGregor has started working on his acting skills following the announcement of his Hollywood debut.

In a humorous video uploaded by ESPN MMA, the Irishman can be seen playing the part of 'Romeo' from the classic Shakespeare play 'Romeo and Juliet'.


Watch the video below:

It was recently announced that McGregor will venture into the world of acting with the reimagining of the 1989 classic film 'Road House'. The film will feature Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role.

After the announcement, many began speculating whether 'Notorious' would ever return to fighting again. However, Karen J. Kessler, a spokesperson for McGregor, recently released a statement saying that fighting was still the Irishman's top priority:

"Conor McGregor is very excited to expand his storied career to Hollywood and join with Jake Gyllenhaal in this reimagining of Road House, a beloved classic. While fighting remains his top focus, this is the beginning of another successful venture in the McGregor empire. He is eager to get started filming."

Check out the statement below (via Ariel Helwani's Twitter):

Conor McGregor will make his motion picture acting debut along Jake Gyllenhaal in the 80’s classic “Road House” remake, it was announced today. Filming starts within the month. He will have a leading role.

Here’s a statement from his spokesperson @KarenKesslerPR:

Urijah Faber comments on the possibility of Conor McGregor's return to fighting

Urijah Faber is optimistic about Conor McGregor fighting in the UFC octagon again.


In a recent interview with Morning Kombat, Faber spoke about McGregor and said that the Irishman will likely return to action soon:

"He's got an internal desire to show that he's the baddest guy on the planet. Now, whether he's been cushioned up a little bit because of all the perks that he has from being the wealthiest athlete in the world, at this point, or for that one year, at least. Who knows, but he still - that doesn't change who you are when you think you're the baddest dude, you know, that's like an internal thing. So, I think he probably will fight, yeah."

Watch Urijah Faber's full interview with Morning Kombat below:

McGregor has been out of action for over a year. The Irishman's last fight took place at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier. The bout ended on an anti-climactic note as 'Notorious' suffered a leg injury in the closing moments of the first round. The fight was declared a TKO victory for 'The Diamond'.

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