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Do the NFL Sunday games have a new streaming partner on YouTube TV?

NFL Sunday Ticket has been a staple in the league for under thirty years and has been available in several iterations. Nowadays, and thanks to streaming, people worldwide can access NFL Sunday Ticket with relative ease. All they need to do is play a fixed sum, and then they will have access to the best Sunday games the league has to offer.

However, lately, the Sunday Ticket is about to change hands, with YouTube TV emerging as a front-runner to become the new streaming partner for the service. YouTube TV is home to premium content from providers like Starz, Showtime, Epix, and Paramount Plus. Adding live NFL action would be the cherry on top for the streaming giants.


The deal is reported to be upwards of $2 billion annually, and it keeps to what the NFL stated they wished to garner for the next Sunday Ticket deal. At the time of writing, it is unclear what exactly Google plans to charge subscribers for Sunday Ticket.

Apple TV+ is now unlikely to stream NFL Sunday Ticket as a new report says Google and YouTube may sign a deal on Wednesday. appleinsider.com/articles/22/12…

Who is NFL Sunday Ticket's current streaming partner?

DirecTV has been the exclusive partner of NFL Sunday Ticket since 1994. They collaborated with Sunday Ticket long before streaming was a thing. So it should come as no surprise that they were given the first refusal when it came to selecting a streaming partner for Sunday Ticket.

Hence, over the last few years, DirecTV has paid the NFL $1.5 billion annually for the rights of Sunday Ticket. This is an exclusive deal, and it is undoubtedly one of DirecTV's biggest flexes in the face of competition.


Unfortunately for DirecTV, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told news outlets as far back as July that the league planned on selecting a streaming service as its new Sunday Ticket partner. Goodell has kept true to his word, and YouTube TV is about to be the new partner of the famed initiative.

Some long-awaited news: The NFL is in "advanced talks" with YouTube for exclusive rights to “Sunday Ticket" and an agreement could be reached as early as Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reports. wsj.com/articles/nfl-i…

What does NFL Sunday Ticket 2022 cost?

When you subscribe to Sunday Ticket today, you can pay for different timeframes. The annual payment method, however, is the most prominent. This payment method is by far the most cost-effective, and it relieves you of the chore of renewing monthly or weekly.

As a result, DirecTV recently priced the service for a full season at nearly $300 for the basic Sunday Ticket service or $400 for a "Max" version that included extra channels like RedZone and the likes. As of now, no one knows how much YouTube TV will charge football fans for such premium Sunday content.

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