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Cleveland Browns Training Camp

Explained: Do players get paid in NFL training camp?

There is plenty of information on the internet about NFL salaries. There are breakdowns of yearly costs, cap hits, dead caps, injury protections, and more. However, information is sparse on how much NFL players make during training camp. Here is what little information there is on the subject.

NFL salaries for training camp


First, NFL players do get paid during training camp. The amount of money depends on if the NFL player is a veteran or a rookie.

According to CBS Baltimore, rookies will earn "per diem" payments from the first day of preseason training camp until one week prior to the NFL's regular season. These NFL players make about $850 per week.

Meanwhile, veteran players get more. Veteran players are counted as players with more than one season of experience. These players also receive "per diem" payments, starting on the first day of camp and ending one week before the regular season.

However, they make more money than rookies. Their salary is almost double at $1600 per week.


In other words, rookies make $3400 per month while veterans make $6400 per month. As pre-season camp starts around the end of July and ends around the end of August, rookies will get $3400 while veterans will make around $6400.

For rookies, $3400 is not bad for a month of work. However, for veterans, $6400 likely does not get very far.

What does "per diem" mean?

The most interesting aspect of the payment schedule is that it is "per diem" or "per day." For each day that a rookie or veteran survives camp, they are compensated that day, according to CBS Baltimore.


This is likely done to keep the accounts clean as players come and go frequently during training camp. Some players only last a few days. For those players who are likely from far away, the sooner they can get paid, the better.


Additionally, players that show up for preseason camp have their housing costs covered by the team. Therefore, the money the players make goes directly to their personal expenses, not expenses incurred while trying to make the team.

This eases the minds of players who otherwise could not afford to come out to compete for a roster spot and help the team.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp

Housing is provided free of charge for practicing players between the first day of camp and one week before the beginning of the regular season.


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