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  • "There's massages involved" - Former Patriots star details bizarre Russian bathhouse recovery routine
Former New England Patriots DB Jason McCourty

"There's massages involved" - Former Patriots star details bizarre Russian bathhouse recovery routine

A former Patriots star outlined quite the odd way he used to recover after taking so many hits on the field. Jason McCourty spoke about his recovery routine that entailed a Russian bathhouse on a recent edition of GMFB (Good Morning Football). McCourty talked about the routine that helped in his career:

"I've done the Pilates, I've done the hot yoga, I've done the hot boxing. But since I retired, I tried a Russian bathhouse. And it's a very normal thing. I know it sounds a little crazy but wet, dry saunas. There's a cold tub, there's massages involved. There's these leaf things that hit on your body.
"It is great for recovery. I was with some of the guys I work out. I was with somebody from the New York Giants. Something that is done that helps with the recovery is really good."
Running barefoot or getting smacked with a leaf (?) at a Russian bath house

What's the most unusual training or recovery method you've ever tried?

Jason McCourty played 176 games (173 regular-season and three playoff games) in 13 seasons in the NFL. Throughout his career, the former defensive back has had his share of injuries. Some of those injuries include groin strains, groin tears, knee bruises and shoulder strains. Of those 176 games, he started 145 of them.

McCourty and his NFL career, including the Patriots


The Rutgers star was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the sixth round of the 2009 NFL draft, playing the first eight seasons with the team. McCourty joined the Cleveland Browns for the 2017 season before heading to the New England Patriots.

He played three seasons with the Patriots, winning a Super Bowl with the franchise in 2018. In 44 games with New England, Jason McCourty had 115 tackles, 19 passes defended and two interceptions. The New Jersey native suited up with the Miami Dolphins for his final season in 2021.

In all, McCourty had 744 tackles, 18 interceptions and nine forced fumbles in his career. He's now a co-host on GMFB and has a podcast with his twin brother, NFL defensive back Devin titled the "Double Coverage Podcast."

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