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How often do NFL players get paid?

NFL fans cannot talk about paychecks without mentioning Patrick Mahomes' record-breaking contract. Mahomes would sign an eye-popping 10-year contract worth $450 million in 2020, something never done before in the NFL.

Before agreeing to an extension, Patrick Mahomes wanted to ensure that he had securities if he suffered an injury. The Patrick Mahomes contract could be a sign of good things to come for NFL players.

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The Chiefs have shown that they have all the confidence in the world in the 25-year-old quarterback. With the average career only lasting roughly three years in the NFL, 10 years is a long time. Hopefully, the future Hall of Fame quarterback can play out the full 10 years and have a successful career in the NFL.

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When thinking about the Mahomes' extension, it makes NFL fans wonder. When do NFL players get paid? Do they get paid weekly or bi-weekly? How does their pay work for the playoffs?


Let's take a look at how every NFL player gets paid throughout their career.


When do NFL players get paid during the regular season?

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Every week of the NFL's regular season, each player under contract will get a game check. The game checks are deposited into the NFL players' bank accounts on Monday morning.

These game checks are for their yearly salaries and do not include the players signing bonus, roster bonus, or any other bonuses that were agreed on during negotiations.

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NFL players will receive 17 game checks throughout the NFL season. Players also receive a game check for their bye weeks. Lets take a look at how an NFL player gets paid during the NFL playoffs.


How much do NFL players make during the NFL playoffs?

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During the playoffs, an NFL player will receive a set amount of money. This money does not include any of the performance bonuses that were agreed on during contract negotiations. Here is a breakdown on how NFL players are paid during the playoffs.

NFL playoff pay breakdown:

-- Wild Card Round (Division Winners): $31,000

-- Wild Card Round (Non Division Winners): $28,000

-- Divisional Playoff Game: $31,000

-- Conference Championship Game: $56,000

-- Super Bowl (Winning Team): $124,000

-- Super Bowl (Losing Team): $62,000

(These amounts are based off the 2019 NFL playoffs according to CBS Sports)

Do NFL players receive checks in the off-season?

Future Hall of Fame RB Adrian Peterson

NFL players can negotiate to get paid for off-season workouts. This means each time a player steps into the facility to work out with the team they are paid. According to Sports Illustrated, the projected total amount that players earn during the off-season would be right around $7,500.

Players do have the option to negotiate other incentives during their contract negotiations. This would give them the opportunity to make more money during the off-season. Unless negotiated in their contract a player, would not get paid during the off-season outside of workout bonuses.

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