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  • IN PHOTOS: Aaron Rodgers spotted at Taylor Swift concert days after revealing fandom
Aaron Rodgers was at the Taylor Swift concert

IN PHOTOS: Aaron Rodgers spotted at Taylor Swift concert days after revealing fandom

Aaron Rodgers is many things. He's a four-time MVP. He's the New York Jets' franchise hope. He's a Super Bowl winner. He's a Green Bay Packers legend and a surefire, first-ballot Hall of Famer when he hangs it up. He's also a big fan of Taylor Swift, as evidenced by his appearance at the Eras Tour at the Meadowlands last night.

It appears as if Rodgers went alone. He wasn't going with a friend of his who is a fan of the Grammy-winning artist. He's in the VIP tent by himself, though actor Miles Teller was there with him. Teller was with his wife, so it's not as if Rodgers and Teller were together.


Aaron Rodgers appears at Taylor Swift concert

miles teller and aaron rodgers

Aaron Rodgers also posted to his Instagram story as the final countdown before Swift appeared hit zero. After the openers, everyone's anticipation grows tremendously and this was evidently true of the former MVP.

Rodgers' Instagram story from the Eras Tour (Image via aaronrodgers12 on Instagram)

Rodgers was asked recently about his favorite Taylor Swift songs. This has been a common activity for teams where the pop star is going to play. The Jets were asked and of course, Rodgers was first.

He said there were too many, which felt like a cop-out as he didn't know any of her songs. As it turns out, he's a bigger fan of her music than most. He eventually said that he couldn't choose one, but that he's a huge fan of her 2020 album "Folklore."

The album won Album of the Year and it's by no means unknown, but it's not one a professional athlete would be expected to listen to. Whereas many say songs like "22", "Bad Blood" or "Love Story" (i.e. the most popular ones from long ago).


Aaron Rodgers did no such thing, and then he doubled down and said he was a huge fan of the song "New Year's Day" off of the album "reputation."

That is arguably her least popular album and the song was not one of the more popular tracks. It was a bit of a deep cut from her discography that cemented Rodgers as a genuine fan.

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