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Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo’s failed physical has Raiders fans heated - "God I hate the 49ers"

The Las Vegas Raiders have a new quarterback in town: Jimmy Garoppolo. As it stands, though, there is chance he may never play for them.

Based on latest reports, the reason his introductory press conference was delayed was because of the player's failure to pass his physical, which led to the reworking of his contract where his signing bonus was removed.


It also added a waiver and release cause stemming from the failed physical, which itself pertained to the season-ending injury he suffered last year.

In the clause, Jimmy Garoppolo acknowledges that he may face lasting damages by continuing to play football on his injury and waives the right to hold the franchise or the league responsible. Further clauses underscore the issue in Addendum G in his contract.

In the same addendum, it makes it perfectly clear that as it pertains to the injury, the club retain the final say. The contract says, that anything related to the issue “shall be resolved in the discretion of Club’s physician,” and he can be terminated without any further obligation “for any reason related to the Waiver and Release attached as Addendum G.”


It is a contract weighted against Jimmy Garoppolo. Yet, he signed it because he knows that he is unlikely to get a better deal anywhere else having failed a physical.


The only people more devastated by the news were the Las Vegas Raiders fans themselves. Some were quick to blame the quarterback's previous team, the San Francisco 49ers, while others took issue with the naivety of their own team. A few even said this was a master plan to get Tom Brady playing for them or tank to get the first pick in next year's draft.

Here is a a selection of some of the best reactions on Reddit:


Why did the Raiders still go with Jimmy Garoppolo after he failed a physical?


While we have established that Jimmy Garoppolo did not have many options other than signing the contract with the addendum, why did the Las Vegas Raiders not go with anyone else?

The reason seems to be that after moving on from Derek Carr, Josh McDaniels wanted a player who knew the way he called play with the New England Patriots. He even favored Jarrett Stidham over Carr in the final games last season.

Jimmy Garoppolo certainly fits that bill having played with McDaniels in New England. That seems to have been the overriding concern in signing him as the first choice quarterback.

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