Rit Nanda is a sports journalist and featured writer at Sportskeeda. For him, sports is the ultimate theatre—the script is written as the play progresses. He is passionate about every form of football, including NFL, CFL, rugby union, rugby league, and soccer. (He lives and breathes Green Bay Packers, St Helens RFC, Harlequins, and Liverpool FC.)

In addition, he loves Aaron Rodgers, James Roby, Chris Robshaw, and Steven Gerrard. The Super Bowl XLV, St Helens 2022 Four-peat, Harlequins 2021 Premiership, and Liverpool's 2019-20 Premier League Win are etched in his memory forever.

There is something about moving a ball, a simple object, within set rules that spawns strategies that make it all so worthwhile.

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