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  • "Most lucrative deal ever given to any commissioner in any sport" - ESPN writer reveals Roger Goodell's new deal as NFL Commissioner
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the sidelines before Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles

"Most lucrative deal ever given to any commissioner in any sport" - ESPN writer reveals Roger Goodell's new deal as NFL Commissioner

Regarding the NFL and its commercial initiatives, Roger Goodell will continue to be the dominant influence.

The NFL commissioner's new contract is anticipated to be finalized by Goodell and NFL shareholders at next week's league conference in Phoenix, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The parties are still debating the specific length of the contract, however.


ESPN claims that Roger Goodell will soon sign a new multi-year agreement with generous incentives that will be "the most lucrative agreement ever offered to any commissioner in any sport." That's significant given that Goodell's pay was last disclosed in 2021 when it was estimated to be close to $64 million annually.

Roger Goodell and NFL owners are expected to finalize a multi-year contract extension for the commissioner at next week's owners meetings in Phoenix, league sources told ESPN.

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It will be the third three-year agreement Goodell has inked in his reign, according to Schefter's sources, who claimed the deal has been on the cards since 2022.

Under the agreement, Roger Goodell will have served as NFL commissioner for 20 years, trailing just Pete Rozelle in duration (29 years).

At the age of 64, it has been rumored that Goodell's current contract will be his last. Rozelle retired at the age of 63, and his replacement, Paul Tagliabue, resigned at the age of 65. Goodell, though, has increased income efficiently as the owners desired when he was recruited in 2006.


During his reign, Goodell has been at the vanguard of the league's significant advancements and surge in prominence. In 2021, the league secured a huge $100 billion media rights agreement. The league has been growing its foreign schedule of games over the past few years as part of its continued venture into international waters.

What is Roger Goodell's net worth?

Following nearly 17 years as the NFL's commissioner, Paul Tagliabue retired in 2006, and Goodell was appointed to take over.

According to The New York Times, Roger Goodell has made around $500 million since taking over as NFL commissioner.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will sign a multiyear extension next week, per @AdamSchefter.

A 2020 NY Times report revealed Goodell was making $63.9 million per year & he has reportedly made ~$500M since becoming commissioner in '06.

That's more than any NFL player in history.

He received new contracts in 2009, 2012, and 2017 as compensation for his services. Although the specifics of the 2017 agreement were not made public, according to the New York Times, he earned $128 million between 2019 and 2021.

According to the article, Goodell's remuneration was related to bonuses to the tune of around 90% as a byproduct of fruitful discussions with the media and labor unions.

The estimated net worth of Roger Goodell is $200 million. He gained most of his wealth while serving as NFL commissioner.

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