How did Roger Goodell become the NFL commissioner? Exploring selection criteria 

Super Bowl LVII - Host Committee Handoff Press Conference
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during the Super Bowl LVII Host Committee Handoff news conference.

It's difficult to envision the NFL today without Roger Goodell. His economic and pubic relations expertise has helped him advance quickly in the league's administrative ranks.

Throughout his first 24 years in the NFL, Goodell oversaw a variety of sports and expansion plans before being made commissioner.

Goodell joined the organization as a staff intern in the league's New York office in 1982. Goodell returned to the league office in 1984 as an aide in the public relations division following his 1983 internship with the New York Jets. He was designated Lamar Hunt's assistant in 1987. Hunt was the head of the American Football Conference.

Goodell worked in several high administrative positions under the previous NFL commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, before being named executive vice president and chief operations director in 2001.

Roger Goodell oversaw operations, including venture financing, and was a key player in the establishment of the NFL Network.

After Tagliabue retired in 2006, Goodell was promoted to commissioner thanks to his education and career achievements. Over four finalists, Goodell was selected for the job. He narrowly prevailed on the fifth ballot before being overwhelmingly acclaimed by the stockholders.

Just before the start of the NFL season in September 2006, he started his formal term. The NFL revealed in December 2017 that Goodell had signed a new deal, which took effect in 2019.

One of Roger Goodell's first actions was the adoption of a personal conduct code in 2007, which he did in response to many NFL players being arrested. Following the guidelines, Goodell was given the final say over what sanctions to impose on players for improper or dishonest behavior on and off the field. Although the public initially praised the new plan, it eventually came under more and more criticism.

As the NFL commissioner, what are Roger Goodell’s responsibilities?

The commissioner has "full, complete and final jurisdiction and authority to arbitrate" any disagreement between almost any two NFL-related parties, according to the bylaws.

Below is a brief outline of some of the league commissioner's duties.

#1 – He decides the rules to implement in the league.

#2 – He decides the time a new league season starts.

#3 – He also decides when the NFL draft will take place.

#4 – He approves or vetoes trades.

#5 – He establishes league entry fees and bonuses.

#6 – He makes the decisions on who is admitted to the league and who is expelled.

In general, it's best to imagine the commissioner as a much smaller-scale version of a company president.

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