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Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz

NFL: 5 takeaways from the Philadelphia Eagles' Week 8 win over the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys (2-6) have dropped their third straight game. Dallas came into Week 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles starting third-string rookie quarterback Ben DiNucci. The Cowboys are still beat up on the offensive line and it is really starting to impact their offensive production.

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-4-1) were not very impressive in this matchup, but they did enough to manage a 23-9 victory.


The Dallas Cowboys defense showed a little bit of heart tonight after being torched all week. Both Dallas and Philadelphia left us all with five takeaways to focus on.

5. Ben DiNucci is not to blame for the Dallas Cowboys' loss

Ben DiNucci played his heart out against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. The Dallas Cowboys started the game with high school-style trick plays, hoping to catch the Eagles off-guard. DiNucci did what he could with little time to throw the football.

DiNucci did not have production from the Cowboys' top wide receiver, Amari Cooper. Cooper was held to just one reception for five yards and didn't receive his first target until the third quarter. If the Cowboys want to be successful passing the football, they need Cooper to be involved more. The only knock on DiNucci would be his arm strength. Overall, DiNucci did the best he could do with the situation he was put into.


4. The Dallas Cowboys' defense played decent football

The Cowboys have been torched by fans and critics about their defense and how they're playing. Dallas' defense came through tonight and played better than they have in recent weeks. Trevon Diggs stepped up majorly for the Cowboys defense, intercepting two passes by Carson Wentz.

The Cowboys' defense got to Wentz and sacked him four times in this football game as well. They also forced three fumbles and recovered two out of the three. This is a huge step for the Cowboys defense that has been the weak link of the Dallas Cowboys' football team. The Cowboys' defense only gave up 70 yards to Eagles running back Boston Scott. This is another good sign considering the Cowboys have been unable to stop the run all season long. The defense still needs a lot of work, but it seems to be making strides in the right direction.


3. Travis Fulgham continued his successful season

Travis Fulgham continues to help Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Fulgham caught six passes for 78 yards and one touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to need Travis Fulgham to continue his success for the rest of the season.

Travis Fulgham has found the end zone in every game but one for the Philadelphia Eagles. He has turned into Carson Wentz's favorite target. Fulgham played three games for the Detroit Lions last season and did not record a single yard. Since joining the Philadelphia Eagles he has racked up 23 catches for 357 yards and four touchdowns. This is a huge jump in production for the young wide receiver and the future looks bright for him in Philadelphia.


2. The Dallas Cowboys offensive line may hold them back from winning another game

The Dallas Cowboys' defense is bad, but their offensive line may take the cake on being the worst. Dallas' offensive line is banged up, but they did bring back Zach Martin this week against the Philadelphia Eagles. The rushing game for Dallas still struggled to have an impact.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to run the football, they need their offensive line to pick up. Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard have not been able to find anywhere to run the ball. Trying to find a rushing lane for the Dallas Cowboys is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. If the Cowboys cannot get their offensive line under control the Dallas Cowboys may not win another game this season.

1. Carson Wentz is not the future of the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have been patient when it comes to quarterback Carson Wentz, the former No. 2 overall draft pick. They have sat through all the injuries and have been defending his bad play. Their answers to the fans and sport reporters is, he will come around and we're going to stand by him.

The Philadelphia Eagles' fan base is becoming aggravated by the play of Wentz. The Eagles won a Super Bowl with backup QB Nick Foles while Wentz was injured, and when they lost Foles, the fans acted like they lost their franchise quarterback.


This season Carson Wentz has 12 touchdowns but he also has 12 interceptions. The big question Philadelphia will need to answer in the next year is, how much longer are they going to hold onto Carson Wentz?

If the Philadelphia Eagles want to make it back to the Super Bowl, they will need to find a new starting quarterback. Wentz came out of college with a lot of hype and he has not lived up to that hype yet. We could potentially see a new quarterback in Philadelphia in the next two years.

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