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  • Skip Bayless claims Raiders minority owner Tom Brady is a hair away from pushing to fire Josh McDaniels
Skip Bayless braces for Tom Brady to call for Josh McDaniels' job

Skip Bayless claims Raiders minority owner Tom Brady is a hair away from pushing to fire Josh McDaniels

There was a time when Tom Brady did everything in his power to keep Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels happy. However, the tables have turned in 2023, with McDaniels now looking to keep ownership, and therefore, the retired quarterback in high spirits.

On Undisputed, NFL analyst Skip Bayless said Brady, who is a minority owner of the Raiders, could call for McDaniels' head unless the team impresses in 2023. Here's how he put it:

"Is Brady's ownership stake a good thing for Josh because obviously he had a lot of success with Josh. I'm sure he loves him. But if I know [No. 12] the way I think I do, if it's not working on the field, the [minority] owner will say 'next.'"

How much did Tom Brady spend to get part ownership of the Raiders?

No. 12 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals

The former quarterback managed to pass from the gridiron to the executive suite in one fell swoop. However, how much did he pay for that right and how big of a minority stake does he own in the Raiders? There doesn't appear to be any official details as to percentages or dollar amounts, but NFL analyst Mike Florio has a rough guess.


In an article published on Pro Football Talk, he estimated that just one percent of the organization could go for anywhere between $40 and $60 million. This means the quarterback could have gone bankrupt purchasing a chunk of the team if he wanted.

Tom Brady has agreed to purchase a minority ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, per CNN.

Of course, that didn't happen, but at a reported net worth of $250 million in 2023, it wouldn't take a big stake to put the former quarterback out on the street. This means that even if he wanted to push for his former coordinator's removal, it would be a whisper in a cacophony of megaphones.

BREAKING- “NFL owners approve emergency 3rd QB proposal”

BREAKING- “Tom Brady reaches agreement to buy ownership stake in Raiders”

Well, I guess the Raiders officially have their 3rd string quarterback now! Ha.

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