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Packers teammate Adrian Amos backs Aaron Rodgers through controversial statement 

Aaron Rodgers has spoken about how his stance on vaccination has caused many fans and parts of sports media to cancel the star quarterback. Rodgers' teammate, Adrian Amos, seems to agree, backing Rodgers in this tweet.

People get canceled for telling the truth.
4:11 AM · Feb 2, 2022

"People get canceled for telling the truth," said Amos.

Amos' comment, along with many other teammates coming forward in support of their star quarterback over the past year, seems to contradict past reports claiming that teammates dislike Rodgers.

But a story posted to Bleacher Report during Rodgers' holdout over the summer indicated that Rodgers is disliked by everyone associated with the Packers organization.


One ex NFL general manager said this about Rodgers:

"The guy's selfish. Teammates don't like him. Coaches don't like him. It's all about Aaron. They all deal with him, because he's a superstar. He helps guys make money and put food on the table for their kids, and people respect him for that."


Aaron Rodgers' views have caused many to criticize the superstar

Fellow anti-vaxxer Joe Rogan

Although Aaron Rodgers is well respected as an NFL quarterback, his world views have drawn the ire of many fans.

His anti-vaxx stance has been well documented with even Rodgers himself mentioning he felt that all of America was cheering against him when the Packers faced the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Divisional round of the NFL playoffs.


Rodgers has faced his fair share of criticism on social media, mocked for his stance and for taking advice from podcaster Joe Rogan, who is also an anti-vaxxer.

Remind me again where Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers got their doctorates in epidemiology? #GetVaccinatedNow
2:32 AM · Jan 30, 2022

Yet despite that and holding out of Packers camp for a few weeks last year, no teammates have come forward with anything negative to say about Rodgers. If any of his teammates do have an issue with his off-the-field stance, they haven't spoken about it publicly.

They kept their personal feelings about Rodgers and his views to themselves. The unfortunate thing, however, is that Rodgers himself was vocal about his stance and, in the end, may have caused enough distraction to keep his team from reaching the Super Bowl.

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