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If the information is accurate, a very interesting Pokemon TCG set is coming to Japan (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon TCG "Original 151" expansion and new EX Starter Decks announced for later in 2023 in Japan

Japan will reportedly receive some very interesting Pokemon TCG products in 2023 if current distributor listings are to be believed. As revealed by Pokebeach, Pokemon Card 151 is an expansion that’s coming to Japanese players in late 2023. Alongside this, a series of new “EX Starter Decks” was also revealed.

However, this is to be considered a leak, since this Pokemon TCG set has not been officially revealed by The Pokemon Company as of this writing. This Pokemon Card 151 expansion is not to be part of the Scarlet and Violet series - it will be more of a supplemental set instead, like Pokemon GO.


Here’s what we know about the upcoming set and Starter Decks, regarding Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon TCG’s “Pokemon Card 151” set teased for 2023 release


Pokemon TCG's Original 151, according to the Pokebeach website, is an expansion coming to Pokemon TCG in 2023. The release date is going to be June 16, 2023. If it comes to the West, it’s unlikely to be released on the same date as well. If it comes to America, it’s likely to be later in the same year.

This 165-card set will also have secret rares, which will further increase the number of cards in the expansion. It’s unclear how many secret rares will be in the expansion as information is scarce. The cost of the booster box is reportedly 5,800 yen and will come with 20 booster packs.

I have fallen down the Pokemon Card rabbit hole again. I organized cards of the OG 151 today. found some real cool cards. I have way more than pictured, but these are pretty cool finds. Very sad abt the condition of the Shining + Rocket Mewtwo tho.

It’s also being said that there will be a “Poke Ball Card File Set” and “Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise Card File Set,” which will likely be special boxed sets or collector’s editions. Each will feature 5 booster packs and 3 promo cards.

However, the most interesting thing about the set is the name - 151. Since 2002, Kadabra has not had another print, thanks to a lawsuit by Uri Geller. Kadabra in Japan was named after the Illusionist. Though he didn’t win the suit, Kadabra stopped being printed.

Back in 2022, Uri Geller apologized for how he treated the situation, and it sounds like fans might see a new version of the Psychic type after decades.


In addition, new EX Starter Decks were confirmed for Pokemon TCG, with each focusing on a particular Pokemon type. These are currently scheduled for a July 7, 2023 release. Players can look forward to the following decks:

  • Decidueye EX (Grass)
  • Victini EX (Fire)
  • Greninja EX (Water)
  • Miraidon EX (Lightning)
  • Clefable EX (Psychic)
  • Koraidon EX (Fighting)
  • Houndoom EX (Darkness)
  • Melmetal EX (Metal)

The decklists and contents of these Pokemon decks are currently unknown. Again, these are to be treated as leaks, since neither product has been officially revealed by The Pokemon Company. However, it is an interesting series of reveals for the card game. Even if they do not, there are other Scarlet and Violet sets to look forward to in 2023.

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