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Alert: Missing Persons Unit episode 5 release date, air time, what to expect, and more details explored

Fox Network's Alert: Missing Persons Unit, the highly stimulating, brand new police procedural crime drama series, is all set to make its arrival with its upcoming episode 5, which will debut exclusively on Monday, January 30, at 9.00 pm Eastern Time (ET). Jamie Foxx and John Eisendrath have served as creators of the series.

The audience has been eagerly waiting to witness what the upcoming episode 5 of season 1 has in store for them, especially after the previous episode, titled Andy, had such an intriguing series of events.


Learn all about Alert: Missing Persons Unit season 1 episode 5, before the episode airs on Fox Network

What can you expect from the brand new episode?

Similar to earlier episodes, the upcoming episode of the crime drama series' first season, titled Miguel, will also be approximately 45 minutes long. In Alert: Missing Persons Unit season 1 episode 4, titled Andy, the audience saw the entire Missing Persons Unit attempting to find a doctor's kidnapped son. The episode also showcased Kemi expressing her worries regarding the well-being of Sidney to Jason and Nikki.


The brand new season 1's episode 5 has been titled, Miguel. John Eisendrath has acted as the writer of the episode. The official synopsis for the upcoming new episode, given by Fox Channel, reads as:

"A foster care worker is reported as missing, but after he ends his own life, the MPU starts to investigate a pregnant woman with whom he was seen and has been missing for two years; Sidney follows Keith and fears he may be dangerous."

Take a closer look at the official promo video clip for the 5th episode here:

The official promo clip and the synopsis provide the audience with hints and glimpses of what to expect from the upcoming episode of season 1, which will most probably be the MPU team diving deep into a highly suspicious missing case of a foster care worker. The case will turn even more complicated when the worker ends his own life.


The new episode will also display Sidney ending up in a tricky situation after she decides to follow Keith. By the looks of it, it is crystal clear that the upcoming episode 5 is bound to take the audience on a gripping rollercoaster ride.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit season 1 cast explored

The promising lead cast list for the procedural series' season 1 includes Scott Caan as Jason Grant, Ryan Broussard as Mike Sherman, Dania Ramirez as Nikki Batista, Adeola Role as Kemi Adebayo and Graham Verchere as Keith.


The recurring cast members for the 1st season of the Fox series entail Petey Gibson as C, Bre Blair as June Butler and Fivel Stewart as Sidney Grant.

Catch the upcoming Alert: Missing Persons Unit season 1 episode 5, which will make its arrival exclusively on the Fox TV Channel this Monday, January 30, at 9 pm ET.

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