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The drama on Hollyoaks is being led by Theresa (right) this week (Images via IMDb)

Hollyoaks spoilers for the next week from January 29 to February 2, 2024

Fans can now look forward to an exciting week in the charming village of Hollyoaks. From January 29 to February 2, 2024, things are about to get quite interesting. With some secrets and shocking revelations, this week will be full of twists that'll keep fans hooked.

Theresa's never-ending quest for knowledge and Warren's unstoppable thirst for revenge come together to create an intriguing mix of suspense and deep emotions.


Amid all the shifting alliances and tensions ready to explode, the characters' fans know too well that they are dealing with the huge impact of their choices. It sets the stage for an exciting week, packed with Hollyoaks moments that will make hearts race.

Hollyoaks spoilers for the week of January 29 to February 2, 2024


Theresa's revelation


Theresa will start to figure out what happened with Ella's accident. Cindy will lead the investigation and Theresa will suddenly remember something important that points to another car being involved in the crash. Everyone in the village will get more suspicious and prepare themselves for some shocking revelations.

Tom's guilt


Tom will get caught up in a mess of lies as he hides a guilty secret from his loved ones. When he randomly meets Yazz, things that could reveal his hidden truths will unfold. He will be stuck between staying loyal and looking out for himself.

Shing Lin and Phoenix's dilemma

Pheonix is thinking of new life decisions (Image via Instagram/@hollyoaksofficial)

With so much uncertainty hanging over them, Shing Lin and Phoenix will consider some big life decisions. Phoenix will try to wrap their head around the idea of moving to London, and it causes some tension in the family. All these doubts and fears will start to creep in, putting their fresh start in jeopardy.


Dave's collapse

Dave, played by David Tag, collapses all of a sudden (Image via Instagram/@davidtagofficial)

At The Dog, everything's peaceful until Dave suddenly collapses out of nowhere, causing a big commotion in the community. While Cindy will try to find comfort in being around her loved ones, she can't escape the worries that unfold, leading to a terrifying experience for Peri.


Peri's error in judgment

Peri's lapse in judgment proves to be bad (Image via Instagram/@hollyoaksofficial)

Peri will get caught up in a mess of her own making when she has to deal with the fallout from her actions. She will be faced with a critical moment where her bad decisions snowball, landing her in a risky situation that pushes her to her limits.


Warren's scheme


Warren's determination to get back at Felix will be evident, as he seems to be getting closer to his goal. With tensions rising and people's loyalties being tested, things will heat up in the show. It will all lead to a big showdown that could change everything.

Ste's discovery

Ste, played by Kieron Richardson, wishes to redeem himself on the show (Image via Instagram/@mrkieronrichardson)

Ste is on a mission to redeem himself, but things will get crazy when he suddenly finds something that shakes up everything he thought he knew. He'll get stuck between deciding what's right and facing his issues, and it will be a wild ride that changes everything in Hollyoaks.


Norma's impatience

Norma waits for Felix to get Justce on Hollyoaks (Image via Instagram/@hollyoaksofficial)

Norma will get impatient waiting for justice for Felix. And this is about to lead to yet another big showdown where old grudges will come out and tensions explode.


Felix's uncertain fate


As Warren gets a hold of Felix, things are about to get tense. It will be a showdown that pushes forgiveness and redemption to the limit. With everyone switching sides and loyalty being put to the test, Felix's fate will be up in the air, hanging on the edge of the disaster that could swallow them all.

Maxine's warning

Nikki Sanderson plays Maxine on Hollyoaks (Image via Instagram/@niknaksanderson)

Despite Maxine's continued warnings about the dangers that will come her way, Sienna will stubbornly refuse to listen and completely ignore what Maxine says. This will bring about some consequences for Hollyoaks.


Final thoughts

As the drama unfolds, fans can catch all the action online first on Channel 4 every weekday at 7:30 pm. The episodes will be aired on E4 the next day and will premiere on YouTube a week later.

For those looking for a binge-worthy experience, they can find selected omnibus episodes on Prime Video to not miss a single moment of Hollyoaks' storyline.


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