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Jane Elliot as Tracy Angelica Quartermaine in General Hospital (Image via ABC)

Is Tracy Quartermaine leaving General Hospital? Rumor explored

General Hospital fans recently witnessed Jane Elliot's character, Tracy Quartermaine, bidding farewell to Port Charles, sparking rumors about her departure from the beloved soap opera.

Soap operas often navigate intricate storylines, character exits, and comebacks, keeping audiences on their toes. Elliot's latest stint, filled with Tracy's signature meddling and unexpected decisions, left viewers speculating on the future of this iconic character after she departed from GH.


Tracy Quartermaine's departure could likely be a strategic move within the show's narrative, setting the stage for potential future developments.

Tracy's farewell from General Hospital


On November 8, Tracy said her goodbyes, packing her bags to join Bobbie in Amsterdam to attend to Luke's affairs. This exit follows a series of bold moves, including handing control of Deception to Brook Lynn, showcasing Tracy's unpredictable nature. Though seemingly final, the departure raises questions about the character's potential return and the reasons behind Jane Elliot's exit.

Jane Elliot has played the character on GH for almost 30 years (Image via ABC)

Jane Elliot, who has portrayed Tracy since 1978, has intermittently taken breaks from the show and made comebacks in various storylines. Understanding the actor's history with the daytime drama provides some context for Tracy's latest exit.

While leaving fans with lingering questions, Tracy Quartermaine's recent farewell from the show showcases the intricacies of soap opera storytelling. Whether this departure marks a temporary break or a permanent exit remains uncertain, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating the next twist in the captivating saga of General Hospital.

A scene from General Hospital (Image via ABC)

Tracy's farewell episode hinted at potential future storylines, especially concerning the unresolved matter of Jacklyn Zeman's character, Bobbie, who is currently absent in Port Charles. Soap operas are known for intertwining character arcs, and Tracy's departure might catalyze addressing pending narratives and emotional revelations in future episodes.


Jane Elliot's Legacy

Tracy Quartermaine, portrayed by Jane Elliot since 1978, is a fictional character on ABC's General Hospital. As the daughter of wealthy Edward and Lila Morgan Quartermaine, Tracy is known for her spoiled and mischievous nature.

Throughout thirty years on the show, her storylines involve feuds with sister-in-law Monica, power struggles in ELQ, and attempts to secure her position in the family hierarchy.


Originally presented as a vivacious socialite with a dishonest nature, Tracy grew into a mellowed character. She started displaying maternal instincts towards her sons Ned and Dillon, stepdaughter Lulu, supporting Monica, and forming friendships in later years.

As one of General Hospital's longest-serving actors, Jane Elliot's legacy is intertwined with Tracy Quartermaine's character. While Elliot's periodic breaks have occurred over the years, her portrayal of Tracy remains iconic. Exploring the impact of Jane Elliot on General Hospital sheds light on the significance of her contributions and the potential influence on future narrative decisions.


The show has a rich history of surprising twists, unexpected returns, and dramatic plot shifts. While Tracy's exit might signal a break in her storyline, it aligns with the soap opera's tradition of keeping viewers intrigued and emotionally invested. Past instances of characters bidding farewell have often paved the way for compelling comebacks, contributing to the show's enduring popularity.

Since the late 1970s, General Hospital has been a cornerstone in daytime soap opera storytelling, centering its narrative around the intertwined lives of the Quartermaine and Spencer families. Renowned for celebrity guest stars like Roseanne Barr, James Franco, and Elizabeth Taylor, the drama series earned a spot on Time magazine's 100 Best TV Shows of All Time in 2007.

Viewers can watch the latest episodes of General Hospital on the ABC network.


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