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'Lost in Space' Season 3 takeaway: A lesson on how one can break free from their "original programming"

Sneha Haldar

Lost in Space is set in the year 2044, when the Earth is dying. The sci-fi series follows the story of a group of space explorers who have ventured out to find a suitable planet for humans to settle down and continue with life.

Due to some unfortunate turn of events, their plan is jeopardized, and they find themselves in an alien galaxy where they are threatened with a robot invasion that will throw off their mission.


The new and final season of the sci-fi series is now streaming on Netflix.

A brief summary of 'Lost in Space'

The 97 children on-board the Resolute were separated from their parents at the end of season 2 of Lost in Space. The new season starts off with them stranded on an unknown planet, trying to establish contact with the adults again. With the help of Will's Robot, they are successful in establishing the connection and are reunited once more with the adults.


The explorers must now continue looking for Alpha Centauri again. But they are followed by SAR, a robot and his other robot followers who have been following them since the beginning because the humans have their engine. The robots invade Alpha Centauri and they must be stopped somehow. Will comes to the rescue, and with a special gift from his Robot, he manages to salvage the situation.

A lesson on choosing one's own path

Lost in Space has used a very interesting concept - original programming. The phrase in sci-fi is a metaphorical allusion to how everyone can break out from being the person they were and evolve into someone better - humans and robots alike. This concept has been materialized in the character of Smith as well as the robots.


Smith evolved from being a selfish and conniving individual to a person the crew could trust. She saved the day more than once when she took command of the Jupiter spacecraft and rescued Penny and Will when they were stuck in a cave.

Even the robots are shown to break free from their original programming and choose their own path and write their own commands. At the end of the series they break free from their programming and decide their own destiny. Some decide to stay on Alpha Centauri while others go on exploring the space further.

Lost in Space is a critical commentary on how everyone can break free from the person they are and choose a better destiny and better actions.

Catch the new season of Lost in Space, now streaming on Netflix.

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