Naruto: 7 villains in that turned out to be heroes (Image via YouTube/ MoreThan AMV 最爱)

Naruto: 7 villains that turned out to be heroes

Naruto is one of the most popular Shonen anime series with a great selection of villains. A good villain has a great impact on how the viewers receive the show. In this case, Naruto has a great selection of antagonists that have a terrorizing presence.

Some of them didn’t change their outlook and remained as baleful figures. However, there are a few characters who redeemed themselves during the course of the show.


7 villains in Naruto who redeemed themselves


1) Gaara


Gaara’s demented introduction in Naruto made people identify him as a villain. He exhibited violence and anger but none were aware of his tragic past. Gaara of the Sand is an exceptional ninja and also happens to be the vessel of the one-tailed beast.

He befriended Naruto and turned a new leaf. Gaara is a trusted ally of Konohagakure and has aided the village on multiple occasions. He went on to become the leader of his own village and turned his life around.

2) Zabuza

(8/15) Happy Birthday to the Demon of the Hidden Mist, Zabuza Momochi🎈🎂. #Naruto #Zabuza
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While Zabuza Momochi seemed to be a villain, he was just a hired killer who had the best intentions for his village, Kirigakure or the Village Hidden in the Mist. He was always loyal to his code and even fought the copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake.


It was unfortunate to see Zabuza perish while fighting against the businessman and drug lord, Gato. A sad end to a profound character.

3) Obito

Which Obito hit harder no mask Obito and Orange mask Obito
4:55 AM · Nov 1, 2020

Both Kakashi and Rin believed that Obito was dead after witnessing a massive collapse that took place during the Third great Ninja War. But he survived and was taken away by none other than Madara Uchiha.

Obito later went on to become the leader of the Akatsuki and initiated the Fourth great Ninja War. However, his lust for battle and brutality was dispelled by Naruto's kind words. This led to Obito changing his outlook, and he redeemed himself in the battle against Kaguya Otsutsuki.

4) Orochimaru


During the earlier stages of Naruto, Orochimaru had a terrorizing presence and was feared by all. A part of the legendary Sannin, he was an exceptionally skilled ninja.

Being Hiruzen’s favorite student, Orochimaru was a prime candidate for the position of Hokage. However, he was chased out of the village as his lust for learning jutsus (ninja techniques) consumed him.

5) Nagato


Nagato Uzumaki was trained by none other than Jiraiya. The Amegakure-born ninja was believed to be the “Child of Prophecy” due to his Rinnegan, before he turned out to be a villain. Yahiko, his close friend, had killed himself to prevent the outbreak of a war which was the pivotal point, turning Nagato evil.

He almost destroyed Konohagakure. However, his climactic battle against Naruto changed him. Realizing his mistake, he used his dying breath to revive all of his victims.

6) Kabuto


Kabuto was a villain that helped Orochimaru with all his plans. Through his extensive journey, he learned the Snake Sage Mode and was powerful enough to take on both Sasuke and Itachi at the same time.

Kabuto would have remained a villain if not for Itachi’s Izanami. He turned his life around and started his own orphanage.

7) Rasa


Rasa was seen as a villain for sealing the one tailed-beast inside his own son, Gaara. Due to the reanimation technique, he met the latter during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

He regretted all that he had done and recognized Gaara as a hero of his village.

These characters had waded through tough circumstances and were molded by countless losses. In the end, they redeemed themselves through acts of courage and contrition.


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