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  • "Grown men can catch grown hands": Hasbulla cat abuse video sparks outrage online 
Video of Hasbulla abusing a cat leaves netizens enraged (Image via Getty Images)

"Grown men can catch grown hands": Hasbulla cat abuse video sparks outrage online 

Social media influencer Hasbulla is amassing soaring backlash after a video of him abusing a cat went viral across the internet.

Disclaimer: The following video contains depictions of cruelty towards animals and may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

Hasbulla is under fire after video surfaced of him reportedly abusing his cat.

In the disturbing screen recording, the 20 year old can be seen pulling the feline’s ears and striking it multiple times. The pet can be seen attempting to scurry away from him. However, he can be seen continuing to torment the cat.

Netizens were rightfully disturbed while viewing the video. At the time of writing this article, Hasbulla had not commented on the backlash.

The distressing video of Hasbulla attacking a cat was initially uploaded on Reddit. It appeared as if the clip was taken from his Snapchat account. Sources claim that the animal in the video was his pet cat Barsik. In the video, the MMA fanatic could be seen pulling Barsik’s ears and hitting the cat several times. He can also be heard speaking in Russian.

The video was uploaded to his official YouTube channel, where he has amassed over 53K subscribers. Due to the backlash he has acquired, the video has now been deleted.


Reacting to the video in question, one netizen stated that the influencer should have fought with someone of his stature, rather than attacking a pet cat who cannot defend themselves. The tweet read:

Netizen reacts to the viral cat video (Image via Twitter)

Netizens react to Hasbulla abusing a cat

Internet users were far from pleased when they watched the video. It seems as if the Dagestan-native has acquired several critics online. A few comments online read:

me when i see hasbulla for abusing his cat
@domislivenews cats need to team up and put lil bro to place
@domislivenews Bro somebody come get they kid fam and i was a stan of his
@domislivenews This how u get cancelled
@domislivenews It was only a matter of time
That video of Hasbulla abusing a cat is terrible. Ruined my whole day. Someone get me that cat, it deserves to be loved and adored. please don’t post the video here or you will be blocked

Hasbulla is not the only internet star who has garnered heat for abusing their pets. Influencer and podcast host Logan Paul was also accused of mistreating his pet pig Pearl. This comes after TikToker The Gentle Barn found the pig abandoned. The older-Paul brother went on to deny the accusations and claimed that he had re-homed the animal at a California ranch.


Everything to know about Hasbulla

The Russian has become a prominent internet personality ever since posting videos on TikTok. Netizens love watching his mock fight press conferences. He also goes by the moniker, Mini Khabab, due to his childlike appearance. He has revealed in the past that he is three feet and four inches tall.

His friendship with fighters like Islam Makhachev and Khabib Nurmagomedov is celebrated online. He is also frequently pictured alongside UFC President Dana White.

Last year, the internet personality signed a five-year deal with the UFC. It has not been clarified as to whether Hasbulla will be fighting or will just act as an ambassador for promotional events.

Despite amassing a massive fan following online, a few celebrities are also critical of the influencer. UFC star Conor McGregor has repeatedly expressed his disdain towards the influencer. Katyln Chookagian has also openly spoken about her bad experience with the internet personality.

The UFC had not commented on the viral cat video at the time of writing this article.

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