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  • "That voice is a dead giveaway!": The Masked Singer fans predict that Doll is songwriter Dee Snider
Doll defeated 2 competitors in his first appearance (Images via Fox and Getty)

"That voice is a dead giveaway!": The Masked Singer fans predict that Doll is songwriter Dee Snider

A brand new set of singers joined The Masked Singer race in episode 7, which aired on Fox on Wednesday, March 29. Doll, Scorpio, and Moose were in an epic singing battle in the first round, after which Moose was eliminated.

The remaining contestants then participated in the Battle Royale round by singing Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf. Ultimately, Doll won the episode and proceeded to the next episode while Scorpio was unmasked as Christine Quinn.


Doll's identity clues include:

  • Growing up in the 90s
  • Found some misfit dolls and started own crew
  • Some men tried to break the group
  • Bats
  • Cowwebs
  • A farmhouse full of animals
  • A DVD that says “Mask Bill – Guys as Doll”
  • Hairspray
  • A house full of animals
  • A lipstick kiss
Hair we are with a clue from #DollMask... what does it mean to you? #TheMaskedSinger

In the first round, Doll sang Simple Minds’ Don’t You (Forget About Me) in perfect tone, which gave judge Nicole a hint that he is a professional singer. Jenny guessed that it must be someone from the Motley Crue band. Judge Ken said that Doll was Donnie Wahlberg. Wahlberg, however, was sitting in the audience during the show’s filming so that was not possible. Judge Robin said that Doll was Gene Simmons, while Nicole felt that it was Sebastian Bach.

The Masked Singer fans disagreed with the judges' guesses and immediately recognized the voice of singer-songwriter Dee Snider, the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Twisted Singer. They also connected many clues to his real life.


Snider used to apply red lipstick in the 1980s during his performances. He had a rivalry with senate Al Gore's wife Tipper Gore, who claimed that Under the Blade's lyrics were about medical surgery, which caused a lot of trouble for his band in 1985. He also used to say that most guys he knew in other bands are domestic animals, hinting at a farmhouse filled with animals.

The Masked Singer fans are sure that Doll is Dee Snider in real life

The Masked Singer fans felt that Doll's loud and charismatic voice resembled that of Dee Snider. They praised his performance on the show.

I'm getting strong Dee Snider from th doll #TheMaskedSinger
Totally @deesnider ... I'd be shocked if it wasn't. Between the clues and the voice. And the mask itself! #DollMask #themaskedsinger
You’re The Doll on The Masked Singer; @deesnider; aren’t you?
#TheMaskedSinger #maskedsinger
of course the pro singer #DollMask aka Dee Snider advances #TheMaskedSinger
#DollMask is Dee Snider. #TheMaskedSinger with all that makeup he wears
Ok the doll has gotta be @deesnider ...were not gonna take it is in animal house and oretty sure he wanted to be or is a ghost writer...also sounds like him 🤷‍♀️ #TheMaskedSinger

About Dee Sniders

Originally from New York, 68-year-old Dee Snider is a popular singer-songwriter who was ranked 83 in the Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time. He was associated with bands like Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, and Desperado.

Some of his popular solo albums include Dee Does Broadway and For the Love of Metal.

Dee has also appeared on many TV shows like Saigon Suicide Show, Counting Cars, and Cobra Kai. He is married to costume designer Suzette, with whom he has four kids.

Tune into the Fox Network every Wednesday at 8 pm ET to see if Doll, who might be Dee Snider, reaches The Masked Singer finals.


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