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  • “There will likely be revenge”: Video of marines being attacked in San Clemente by 40 teenagers leaves netizens enraged 
Video of marines being attacked in San Clemente by 40 teenagers leaves netizens enraged (Image via Getty Images)

“There will likely be revenge”: Video of marines being attacked in San Clemente by 40 teenagers leaves netizens enraged 

A video is doing rounds on the internet which shows two off-duty marines getting surrounded and brutally physically assaulted by a group of teenagers.

This incident took place at San Clemente Pier Beach on May 26, 2023, and soon after that, the video started circulating online. As soon as it came to netizens' notice, they reacted by saying, "there will likely be revenge."

@ItsMrsWilkes There will likely be revenge.

The two off-duty marines who were shown in the video getting brutally beaten up told KCAL News that they just asked the teenagers to stop lighting fireworks on a California beach. However, they did not take it well and started assaulting the servicemen.

As the marines were brutally assaulted, they were seen lying on the ground in the fetal position and covering their heads with their hands and arms.


Notably, the teenager stopped attacking when they saw a man and woman rushing towards them and they heard them screaming to stop.


Social media users condemned the act of teenagers who attacked the Marines and called it out on social media

Several social media users reacted to the video that has gone viral on the internet and said that this should not have happened in the first place,

See the reactions below:

@ItsMrsWilkes @PNuttyArt FBI should track the cell phones & grab them as they did the J6'rs.
@ItsMrsWilkes San Clemente is a pretty nice community, at least it used to be. Can’t imagine, given location and home values, that’s changed any since I was last there. From the article: “The group is then recorded circling around the Marine, with some using racial slurs and curse words while… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@ItsMrsWilkes Another hate crime! When are we as a nation going to stop reserving the label of hate crime for one group?
3 Marines attacked by a mob of 50 on Memorial Day in Gavin Newsom’s California.
This both tragic and disgusting.
Two Marines were brutally attacked injured by a mob of approximately 50 rowdy hooligan teenagers. Hope they all get arrested, this is DISGUSTING!
@JackPosobiec OMG AWFUL! Scarier too think .. next generation! I’m praying they are found out! You gotta wonder, how many other times have they attacked people. They need to be off our streets! Justice sb served when they’re found, they half killed our marines! God Bless our Marines!

One of the marines, Hunter, who got attacked described what all happened to them


Hunter Antonino was one of the servicemen who got attacked. He said that they told the teenagers that they are Marines so that the kids would leave but they did not and they just kept going.

He further said:

"One of the teenagers then punched me and after a brief hesitation, had to knock the teenager down by attacking him back."

As he did that, the mob got more agitated and then they swarmed around the two men. The teenagers were heard shouting:

"Get that fuc*er! Get that fuc*er! Fuc* that Fuc*er up!"

The teenagers were then seen throwing punches and drinks over the Marines and were heard saying:

"What's good ni*er, pus*ies"

The video that went viral on the internet showed that there were almost 50 teenagers who were seen attacking the two men on the beach. However, the Orange County Sheriff's Department estimated that there were around 10 to 30 young adults.


The department further said that they will investigate the attack until they find all the people who were responsible for this brutal attack and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Sgt. Frank Gonzalez, while speaking with KCAL News, said that this act is considered an assault with a deadly weapon because there are a number of suspects in this case.

After this attack's video went viral, the sheriff’s department sergeant, Sgt. Frank Gonzalez said they will investigate this case to the fullest even if the men who were attacked are not willing to seek press charges. He further said that this attack took place on Memorial Day weekend and is very tragic.


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