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What happened to Sanqiange? (Image via Douyin/@sanqian9237 (Left) Getty Images (Right)

What happened to Sanqiange? Chinese influencer died shortly after live-streaming himself consuming several bottles of strong alcohol

In a shocking incident, a popular Chinese content creator Sanqiange died after he participated in a live-streaming competition on Douyin, China's version of TikTok. In the viral video, which has now been removed, he was seen consuming Chinese vodka.

Sanqiange was 34 years old and started this drinking challenge on the social media platform at around 1 am on May 16, 2023. In the challenge, he drank Baijiu, which has an alcohol content ranging from 30% to 60%.


According to reports by Shangyou News, the influencer was found dead around 1 pm.

The viewers who were watching this live stream said that they saw Sanqiange drinking around 7 bottles of Chinese hard alcohol, and after 12 hours of doing this challenge, he was found dead.


Sanqiange's friend Mr Zhao explained how these challenges work and people participate in them to win rewards


Mr Zhao while speaking with Shangyou News said that these challenges are known for one on one battles in which popular content creators compete with each other to get the chance to win gifts and rewards from viewers.

Mr Zhao further said that there are several times when punishment is also involved for the loser.

Mr Zhao continued:

"I don't know how much he had consumed before I tuned in. But in the latter part of the video, I saw him finish three bottles before starting on a fourth."

He concluded:

"When his family found him, he was already gone, he didn't even get a chance for emergency treatment."

The media report further confirmed that the influencer died of excessive drinking he was cremated that morning.

Douyin, China's version of TikTok does not allow drinking during live streams

The social media platform Douyin has strict rules for drinking during live streams. However, if people end up doing so, there are several penalties ranging from warnings to being restricted from the live streaming competitions and their profiles getting shadow banned on the app.

Notably, Sanqiange 's live-streaming video where he drank alcohol is no longer available to be viewed online.


This is not the first time when such a social media challenge took the life of someone. In the recent past there has been a massive surge in challenges like these, which are turning out too dangerous for people.


Recently, deadly challenges like 'angel of death', 'blackout challenge', 'chroming' and 'Benadryl challenge' were doing rounds on the internet where several teenagers took part in them and these challenges ended up taking the lives of many.

All these challenges first gained popularity on TikTok and later started getting momentum on other social media platforms.


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