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Mutulu Shakur is being released on parole (Image via Jim Hughes/Getty Images)

What did Mutulu Shakur do? Tupac's stepfather set to be released from prison after more than 35 years

Tupac Shakur’s stepfather Mutulu Shakur will be released on December 16, 2022. He will spend the rest of his days with his family and friends.

The U.S. Parole Commission granted the request for Mutulu’s release last month and the decision to grant parole was revealed on November 10, 2022. Mutulu is suffering from a few health problems including stage-3 multiple myeloma and blood cancer that could impact his bones and kidneys.

BREAKING NEWS: Mutulu Shakur, movement veteran, member of the Black Liberation Army, stepfather of Tupac Shakur, was paroled & will be released after 36 years behind bars, to spend his final days outside of prison walls. Mutulu has been diagnosed w/ terminal cancer. Free Em All

Mutulu is currently at a federal medical center in Lexington. The organizer of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, which has been working to help free Shakur, Jomo Muhammad, said:

“There are a lot of tears in joy. There’s still disbelief because we were steadying ourselves for another denial. Now folks are excited about being able to reunite Mutulu with his family. We were crying together. It’s a long time overdue.”

Following his release, Mutulu Shakur will be closely monitored for around four months. Muhammad stated that he is happy to learn that Mutulu is alive and that his family alongside supporters is working to get him the best medical facilities.


Accusations on Mutulu Shakur

Mutulu was involved in a robbery case in 1981 along with a few others (Image via LeftSentThis/Twitter)

The acts that Mutulu Shakur was charged for happened nearly 30 years ago. He was also linked to the movement seeking equal opportunities around black people who were suffering from various problems. Mutulu then participated in Civil Rights, Black Liberation, and Acupuncture Healthcare as a part of the movement from 1960s to 1980s.

Mutulu was sent to prison for 60 years for being involved in the robbery of a Brinks armored truck in 1981 where a guard and two police officers were killed.


According to the description of the incident, Mutulu Shakur along with a few Black Liberation Army members stole cash worth $1.6 million from a Brink’s armored car at the Nanuet Mall in New York. The incident led to the murder of Brink’s security guard Peter Paige and injured another guard, Joseph Trombino. Two Nyack police officers, Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown, were also killed.


Shakur managed to avoid being arrested for six years and was the last to go to trial on charges of robbery. He was indicted on RICO charges with Marilyn Buck and was included in the list of FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. Mutulu was arrested in February 1986 by the FBI and he along with Buck was tried in 1987 following their conviction in 1988.

According to Mutulu Shakur’s supporters, he was a political prisoner since authorities wanted to make an example of him for his activism. The request for Mutulu’s release has been rejected in the last few years as authorities considered his crimes to be very serious and he had serious health issues at the time.

Speaking about the decision for his release, Commission officials told him:

“We now find your medical condition renders you so infirm of mind and body that you are no longer physically capable of committing any Federal, State, or local crime.”

Mutulu has lost some weight due to his illnesses and treatments and has contracted Covid-19 twice. He has been dependent on IV feeding tubes since May this year and according to his lawyer Brad Thomson, he was given less than six months to live since his cancer treatment was no longer working.


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