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The child's cause of death remains unconfirmed (image via Twitter/courtesy of Mosley family)

Where was Taylen Mosley Found? Missing St Petersburg boy found dead in a lake with alligator

On Friday, March 31, St. Petersburg authorities announced that they had found the body of missing 2-year-old Taylen Mosley in the jaws of an alligator. Officials reported Taylen Mosley missing on Friday, March 30, after his mother, Pashun Jeffery, was discovered dead in her apartment. They found Mosley's body as it was being carried by an alligator while searching for the 2-year-old in a nearby lake. The child's body was recovered intact, and the animal was shot.

Trigger warning: This article concerns a murder investigation, audience discretion is advised

Officials found the remains of Taylen Mosley inside an alligator after they shot it. His father has been charged with two counts of murder. Taylen’s body was found intact and cause of death to be determined. Awful.

As per St. Petersburgh Police Chief Anthony Holloway, the prime suspect in the case is the boy's father, 21-year-old Thomas Mosley. With cuts to his hands and arms, the suspect is presently receiving medical attention. He doesn't currently have any legal representation, and he's refused to talk to an investigator.

Officials comment on the brutal death of Taylen Mosley

According to NBC Miami, the body of 20-year-old Pashun Jeffery was discovered by an apartment manager on Thursday, in what was described by authorities as an extremely 'violent' crime scene. Officials announced an amber alert for Taylen Mosley, conducting a rigorous search effort that included aerial drones and door-to-door screening.

Taylen Mosley has been found deceased. Rest In Peace.

Six miles from the murder scene, officials were searching Lake Maggiore Park when they saw what appeared to be a child in the jaws of the alligator. After they shot the alligator and retrieved the body, the animal was reportedly euthanized. Authorities have not revealed the circumstances surrounding the murders of Pashun Jeffery and Taylen Mosley or the basis for their suspicion that Thomas Mosley was responsible.

Chief Holloway said at a Friday press conference:

“It is with great sadness that Taylen Mosley has been found."

He continued:

“While they were there spotted an alligator with an object in its mouth. As the detective got closer they fired one round to the alligator, dropped the object that he had in his mouth."

Officials have not revealed any potential motivations behind the murders. Pashun Jeffery's family said that she moved into the apartment complex with Taylen Mosley approximately a month ago. Neighbors noted that on Wednesday, before the initial report that Jeffery was dead, there had been a commotion. No one called the police at the time.

BREAKING. 2-year-old Taylen Mosley's body has been found according to St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway. The father Thomas is now charged with 2 counts of first degree murder. #TaylenMosley #RIP

As per Yahoo, Thomas Mosley went to his mother's house at 9 pm on Wednesday, the night the murders were believed to have occurred. Authorities noted that he had cuts on his arm by the time he arrived at his mother's house. He proceeded to admit himself to the hospital. He has not revealed the cause of his injuries.

@Nerdy_Addict Police said they spotted an alligator with an object in its mouth in an area near Del Homes Park. Officers fired a round at the alligator and it dropped the object. Chief Anthony Holloway said officers were able to retrieve Taylen’s body intact.

The brutal nature of the double homicide has shocked the citizens of St. Petersburg. Thomas Mosley has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths.

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