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  • Why are the Saticoy elementary school protests being held? Los Angeles elementary school parents clash over LGBTQIA+ event
The clashes were preceded by the burning of an LGBTQ flag (image via Mint Schools/Twitter)

Why are the Saticoy elementary school protests being held? Los Angeles elementary school parents clash over LGBTQIA+ event

On Friday, June 2, 2023, an LGBTQIA+ Pride event at the Saticoy elementary school in Los Angeles devolved into a series of clashes among parents. According to the Los Angeles Times, the incident occurred after over 100 parents protested against the LGBTQIA+ event. Arguments between the protesters and the demonstrators resulted in a tense standoff and numerous instances of minor violence.

Trigger warning: This article concerns violence and homophobia, the reader's discretion is advised

Parents in N Hollywood protest in front of Saticoy Elementary School over them having pride event at school. Bravo

The LGBTQIA+ event, which ultimately had to be shut down due to the tensions, was supposed to include a reading of the Mary Hoffman book, "The Great Big Book of Families." As per the New York Times, protestors claimed that the school system was "grooming" and "conditioning" their children to accept the "gay agenda."


Timeline of the Saticoy Elementary school clashes

The New York Post reported that tensions surrounding LGBTQIA+ issues at Saticoy Elementary School preceded the series of clashes. School officials reported that on May 22, a transgender man who taught at the school accused homophobes of burning a pride flag that he kept in his office. The city's teachers' union, United Teachers Los Angeles, condemned the actions.

Parents vs. Groomers at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood

The union released a statement:

"The egregious behaviour by bigoted protestors that outed the gender identity of a teacher at Saticoy Elementary."

As reported by BBC, the Saticoy Elementary School Pride Event featured many readings for the children. The books, which primarily dealt with the depictions of families with same-sex parents, were described by protestors as gay propaganda.


One protestor, who remained anonymous, said that she had migrated to Los Angeles from Armenia. She said that when she left her country, she had no idea that the schools would condition her child to adopt a way of life that she did not favor. She added that she became enraged after seeing that her child had come home with rainbow stickers on her bags and stationary.

The parent said:

"I didn't come from Armenia for this. I came for freedom and for my children to learn about math and education, not about this. I might go back home."
At Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood there’s a showdown between conservative parents protesting a Pride assembly and LGBTQ+ advocates staging a counter protest. "Stop grooming our kids" says one side, "no more hate in our state" says the other

Parents who supported the LGBTQIA+ event argued that same-sex relationships were a normal part of everyday life and that children should be taught to normalize them.

One parent, Erica Denesesn, told ABC News reporters:

"It's how the world is today and if you shield them from it, then it's just going to make a bigger impact later."

The series of suspected hate crimes at Saticoy Elementary School is currently under investigation by Los Angeles authorities. As noted by NBC, authorities and school officials have not confirmed whether there were any injuries or arrests announced in the wake of the incidents.

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