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The finalists of The Traitors season 2 (Image via Instagram/@harryclarky)

Peacock's unscripted series The Traitors season 2 set to rise on Nielsen streaming rankings

The Traitors is likely to add another flamboyant feat to its remarkable viewership. The Peacock reality show has continued to amass unprecedented milestones ever since the release of its second season. Within just five days, it became one of the most-watched reality series on the platform.

Additionally, it took home the Emmy Award this year for Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program. The streaming of the sophomore season witnessed a whopping 75% increase from its debut season. The Hollywood Reporter suggests The Traitors will make its first-ever appearance on Nielsen’s streaming charts, which rank all the streaming programs in the US.


The show reported approximately 384 million minutes of viewing between January 15 and January 22, wherein the first four episodes of season 2 were released.

The Traitors season 2’s unprecedented viewership


The complete chart of Nielsen streaming rankings will be made available in mid-February. If the show happens to hit the rankings, it will become the first unscripted show on the NBCUniversal Platform to join the chart.


The Hollywood Reporter suggests the reality show will likely feature alongside the Seth MacFarlane-led Ted prequel series. It would be a shattering record for Peacock to have two of its original shows placed in the top 10 for the first time.

Previously, the reality show clocked an unprecedented 75% increase in viewership within the first five days, surpassing the performance of season 1. According to Variety, the numbers amassed by the show topped the other reality series, including Love Island USA, Love Island Games, Queens Court, and The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

The Traitors season 2 finale draws highest-ever audience


In a nail-biting conclusion to season 2, contestant Harry Clark was crowned the winner on Friday, January 26. The thrilling 70-minute finale witnessed the ultimate betrayal when Traitor Harry convinced finalist Mollie Pearce to vote out fellow Faithful Jaz Singh and take home the grand prize.


According to Deadline, 6.9 million viewers tuned in to watch who reigned victorious in the addictive format that blends strategy and bonds. The reality show, fronted by Claudia Winkleman, introduced 22 contestants locked in the beautiful castle of the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate game of backstabbing and betrayal.

The Faithful players had one goal: to identify the Traitors hidden among them. Each episode saw the eviction of two players, the Traitors murdering a Faithful, and the roundtable elimination, where everyone voted out who they thought was a Traitor to banish them from the castle.

In the end, if the Faithful managed to banish all the Traitors, they’d win and split the cash prize. However, if a Traitor happened to survive, they’d steal all the money alone. The latter was the case in the season 2 finale. 22-year-old Harry Clark, the British Army engineer and Traitor in the show, claimed the whopping cash prize of £95,150 by betraying finalist Mollie Pearce.


In the final episode, the five who remained were: the Faithfuls — Jaz Singh, Mollie Pearce, and Evie Morrison, and the traitors—Harry Clark and Andrew Jenkins.

After earning the winner’s title, Harry Clark wrote on Instagram:

“I can’t believe this has happened to me! A massive thank you goes out to the whole cast of season 2, they made this possible! Also a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes who made this possible, I love you all.”

The show, one of the Peacock’s biggest hits in recent years, has already been commissioned for a third series. The reality TV show is currently available to stream on BBC iPlayer.


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