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School 2021 episode 1: Love square, teenage angst and rebellion starring Kim Yo Han, Choi Yi Hyun, Hwan Boreumbyeol and Choo Yeong Woo

School 2021, the latest edition of the franchise, premiered a week later than planned. Yet, the first episode introduced signature plotlines that are usually addressed in a high school drama.

The addition this time around is a love square that was hinted at from the very beginning. This K-Drama stars Kim Yo-Han, Cho Yi Hyun, Choo Young Woo, and Hwang Boreumbyeol.


The school that the K-Drama is set on is a vocational school this time, training students in different vocations that included carpentry and sports, among other things. School 2021 stars many rookie actors and idols, and the show can kickstart each of their careers as an actor.

Gong Ki Joon, Jung Young Joo and 'a missing friend' mystery in School 2021


The premiere episode introduced its four lead characters, Gong Ki Joon, Jung Young Joo, Jin Ji Won, and Kang Seo Young. Gong Ki Joon quit taekwondo in School 2021 after an injury, and now that he was healing, he still didn't want to participate in the sport.

Jung Young Joo is a new transfer student to the school that Ki Joon and others attend. He maintained a distance from everyone in the class, but especially from Ki Joon. The two seemed to know each other from before. How and why is something that the upcoming episodes of School 2021 might reveal.

One thing that seemed to connect the two of them is the cemetery. Both of them visited the same cemetery on the same day. Ki Joon visited the resting place of someone who seemed to be his friend. Could the three have been friends? The plotline was also present in the previous edition of the show School 2017.

The plotline featuring a turbulent relationship between a transfer student and an existing student was already addressed in School 2013. So the show has a nostalgic connection with its previous editions, but it also made itself distinct with the help of the individual characters and their journey.


Ki Joon and Ji Won's relationship is a mystery too in School 2021

Ji Won, one of the students aware of her passion for carpentry, seemed to be troubled after her favorite teacher was fired in School 2021. She claimed that it was unlawful and started a single-person protest to restore the teacher's job.

However, she found no support from other students who were worried about being suspended, or worse, rusticated.


Yet, Ji Won refused any help from Ki Joon in School 2021. The two seemed to have some past that stopped Ji Won from seeking any help from him. Rumors at the school suggested that the two may have dated in the past. However, the truth was that Ji Won had kissed him on the cheeks when they were in junior school.

Ki Joon then offended Ji Won, who punched him in the nose and made him bleed. What exactly went down between the two was not in School 2021. Instead, it was clear that the two had great chemistry.

Of course, Ki Joon seemed to be interested in their classmate Seo Young. Transfer student Young Joo, meanwhile, seemed interested in Ji Won.

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