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  • "The world is ruled by satanic forces": Michael Borremans Balenciaga controversy explained as Baal caution tape sparks outrage
People are not buying Balenciaga's apology. (Image via rgmparis/Instagram, @gencostocks/Twitter)

"The world is ruled by satanic forces": Michael Borremans Balenciaga controversy explained as Baal caution tape sparks outrage

Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga has been continuously facing backlash since the release of the ad campaign for their latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

The controversial pictures showed two young kids posing with plush toys dressed in BDSM-style bondage gear. However, that wasn't all as some eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that there was another "sinister" symbolism from Balenciaga which only added fuel to the fire.


People took to Twitter to slam the brand and call it out for the images.

Screenshot of a Twitter user slamming Balenciaga.

Although the fashion brand issued a lengthy apology for the campaign, the new controversy comes from an image on the brand's Instagram page. The brand is being slammed by netizens on not one but two fronts.


Warning: This article contains some content that may be triggering to certain audiences.


Balenciaga and its connection to Michael Borremans book Fire from the Sun

Just days after the controversy of children with soft toys in bondage gear, Balenciaga has, once again, come under fire for an image on their Instagram handle. At first glance, the picture looks quite normal, with a red-haired model, wearing Balenciaga clothes, sitting in an office chair with a messy table.

However, when zoomed in, a book titled Fire From The Sun by Michael Borremans is seen lying amidst the pile of books. The book is incredibly controversial and even its cover is quite disturbing to look at.

David Zwirner gallery's website describes the book as:

“Toddlers engaged in playful but mysterious acts with sinister overtones and insinuations of violence.”
@shoe0nhead Here is an update.

They posted this picture in its place (also now taken down). The picture contained the name of an artist Michael Borremans who wrote a book “Fire from the sun” which contains paintings of naked children.

Michael Borremans is a Belgian-based painter and filmmaker. The 59-year-old is known for his unique style of painting, which merges 18th-century art with the techniques of Degas and Édouard Manet. His work featured in Fire From The Sun is reportedly from his recent series The Badger's Song.

After online sleuths were able to identify and trace the book's history, the brand was slammed online for using such controversial books in their brand shoots.

In the screenshots shared by a Twitter user, other pictures show people dressed in all-black as they seemingly perform some type of ritual with little kids involved. The user pointed out themes like "pedophilia, blood ritual, dark religiosity, occultism, racism" being practiced in the paintings.

OHHHHHH MYYYYY G— #BALENCIAGA… 𝗜𝗧 𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗦 𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗦𝗘!!!!!!!!!!! twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
@WHOTFIsdaquan @atensnut I just read the descriptions of two different books by this guy, and it is some more dark, sick, child related stuff. One painting of his has children covered only in blood with a severed hand. There are some more disturbing images by him. #balenciagaisforpedos
More on the deranged #Balenciaga story, they put a book in this photoshoot by Michael Borremans' Fire from the Sun. The cover has naked Children playing. Inside is more disturbing: naked drawings of children playing with dismembered body parts along some dark rituals. WHY?
THIS #Balenciaga is EVEN WORSE than FIRST thought! #Balenciagapedos

BOOK by #MichaelBorremans
on the desk.

Borremans depicts SATANIC PAEDO abuse in his SICK artwork!

I cannot believe Balenciaga just- who signed off???? Who’s idea was it even because they need to be in jail. This is concerning. Horrifying.

Make #Balenciaga BROKE. no more supporting corporations and brands that have no ethics or shame. Stop normalizing ped0 rings. Better fashion better future.

Balenciaga and Baal caution tape controversy

Balenciaga was not only slammed for featuring Fire from the Sun but also for one other controversial prop present on a set which featured a young kid. On November 23, 2022, a Twitter user pointed out that the tape that the brand used as a prop didn't read "Balenciaga" but read "Baalenciaga."

One of the pics from the Balenciaga child photos has Balenciaga spelled on tape spelled BAALenciaga

According to the New World Encyclopedia, Baal was a god mostly worshiped in Canaan from ancient times. His worship was vehemently opposed by the Kings of Judah and the Biblical Prophets who believed that it was God's will to remove the Canaanite religion from Israel and Judah.

The website also mentions that the prophets of Baal engaged in self-mutilation. Another issue that was controversial in the religion was that of child sacrifice, and it was usually the first-born of the sacrificer who was offered to Baal and the other gods.

@delalunearva Baal is a Canaanite deity who kids were ritualistically sacrificed too

After the Twitter user noticed the name and tweeted about the god's history, people were quick to slam the Spanish brand for having controversial and "sick" props in their projects.

Balenciaga Update:

The Yellow Tape featured in the satanic and sadistic children’s campaign was purposely misspelt BAAL

Baal is an ancient Canaanite demon God. Pagans ritualistically sacrificed children to this demon.

What’s going on at Balenciaga is clearly very dark
@shoe0nhead Check out the yellow tape rolled up on the ground. It appears to say Balenciaga except there is an extra A as in Baalenciaga... Baal
As you can see in the tape balenciaga is written as "baalenciaga" as a reference to a god who used to accept children as sacrifice. THIS SHIT IS EVIL #BalenciagaIsOver #Balenciagapedos #balenciagaGate
I can NEVER look at Balenciaga the same. Why is BAALenciaga spelled out on the tape?

Baal is a pagan diety that his followers sacrificed their first born children to

What is God's name is happening?
We CANNOT let this slide. BALENCIAGA spelled it with two AAs on the tape……
Notice in those Pictures that they spelled Balenciaga in the tape with AA which is a clear indication that they are Doing a Ritual where they making Child Offerings to Baal, Moloch and Baphomet Demons of Wealth
@Jeffe702 @edwardZZZZhang @soirchick @shoe0nhead BAAL is in the yellow tape on top. Balenciaga has only one A. That’s on purpose & the letters are NOT random a lot of thought was put on that pic to make it look “random”. Controlled chaos at its finest.
Balenciaga scene subtly set for child sacrifice: Candle, the 'AC' bunny, bondage wire tape & red shoes.
The child's blood becomes adrenalized via sodomy, bondage, & torture, which in turn produces massive spikes in AC - AdrenoChrome Harvesting.
Child is sacrificed or HARVESTED.

The brand is yet to address any of the recent controversies surrounding their latest Spring/Summer 23 campaign. While they did apologize for the campaign that had the soft toys in bondage gear and mentioned that they condemn the "abuse of children in any form," the public doesn't seem to buy it.

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