Adele's 'Oh My God' music video accused of being 'satanic' by Christian TikToker

Adele recently released her second single titled 'Oh My God' from her fourth album '30' (Image via Adele/Instagram)
Adele recently released her second single titled 'Oh My God' from her fourth album '30' (Image via Adele/Instagram)

Adele sent fans into a frenzy after releasing a music video for her second single titled Oh My God from album 30. The monochrome video contains several biblical references and sheds light on the concept of sin.

While the strong theme and striking visuals left several fans impressed, TikTok user @victoriaalexb accused the singer of being “satanic” and criticized her for incorporating alleged anti-Christ themes.

The TikToker revealed that she grew up listening to Adele’s music, but the musician disappointed her with her latest video. She claimed that the title of the song is “breaking one of the Ten Commandments,” and the video promoted “satanic” themes:

“There’s a lot of inappropriate things happening in the music video and the whole gist of it is the song is about how she knows sin is bad but she just wants to have fun.”

Victoria went on to share her theories about the music video and alleged that the singer “sold her soul” to create the piece:

“It’s annoying to me because we literally cannot get one celebrity that just, you know… like can just one person not sell their soul so I can enjoy their stuff.”

Victoria’s conspiracy theory went viral on social media and divided the internet. While some supported her opinion, others criticized her statements.

A look into Adele’s ‘Oh My God' music video

A still from 'Oh My God' music video (Image via YouTube)
A still from 'Oh My God' music video (Image via YouTube)

Adele’s much-awaited fourth album, 30, is rumored to have been influenced by her divorce struggles and her decision to find renewed happiness in life.

While the singer shared a glimpse of her struggles on the album’s first single, Easy On Me, she highlighted the concept of sin on the second single, Oh My God.


The latest music video is devoid of colors and contains solid biblical symbols and references. Set in the modern-day Garden of Eden, the video opens with an apple placed atop a wooden chair and further documents the journey of the 'fall of man.'

Throughout the video, the presence of background dancers symbolizes various forms of temptations, while the imagery of apples likely refers to the forbidden fruit. One particular shot even shows a giant serpent winded on a chair, directly referring to Satan’s form during the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The singer is seen alongside a mirrored version of herself in the video, highlighting her inner turmoil and the battle between good and evil. Meanwhile, black and white color schemes also show the war between heaven and hell.

One viewer pointed out that the visual focusing on a woman playing with flower petals while Adele is holding the reins of a horse signifies the singer being in control of her decisions despite the fragility of her “unsteady relationship” or marriage:

Fans also mentioned that the frame showing a child playing with apples behind the musician resembles her commitment to her nine-year-old son Angelo despite her divorce and otherworldly temptations:

As the montage transitions from a soft, melancholy beginning to a wild and dark ending, it attempts to showcase Adele’s struggles as she decides to end her marriage and start over.

The music video comes close with a chair bursting into flames and Adele taking a bite of the apple or the forbidden fruit. The burning chair contrasts with the singer’s usual style of using chairs in her past videos and can signify the end of an age-old habit like her marriage.

Meanwhile, Adele eating the apple symbolizes the ultimate fall of man and justifies her lyrics, “I know it’s wrong, but I want to have some fun.”

Fans react to the music video

The 'Oh My God' music video was criticized by a Christian TikToker (Image via YouTube)
The 'Oh My God' music video was criticized by a Christian TikToker (Image via YouTube)

Following the release of Adele’s Oh My God music video, several viewers praised the singer’s ability to storytelling through symbolism and visual references. Many even dubbed the video a “masterpiece” and applauded the musician for highlighting a critical theme through her work.

However, some fans were also offended by the biblical references made in the video. A TikTok user named Victoria even accused the performer of being “satanic” and claimed she glorified demonic themes in her video.

While some viewers agreed with the TikToker, others denounced her conspiracy theory. One TikTok user commented:

“I get so disappointed when I hear a good song and then they take the Lord’s name in vain.”

Another remarked:

“It’s sad like I’m really disappointed because Adele is my favourite artist or [used] to be until that video.”

However, others argued that the critics were being sensitive:

“Just watching the video and there’s nothing demonic or satanic about it. Y’all are too sensitive nowadays.”

Several fans even took to Twitter to comment on the ongoing debate:

As contradictory opinions continued to pour in online, the TikToker made a follow-up video to address the backlash:

“As a Jesus follower, when people are super blatant about what side of the spectrum they’re on… I don’t support them and I don’t listen to their stuff, so that’s why I’m like, ‘Adele why did you have to do this.”

Victoria also mentioned that she would delete all songs from the singer she had saved over the years while holding on to her faith and opinion.

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