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Samantha Fox was arrested after she reportedly had a dispute inside a flight (Image via Jamie Thistlethwaite/Getty Images)

Why was Samantha Fox arrested? Details explored as model and pop star issues apology

Samantha Fox has recently apologized following her arrest on a flight, which was a result of her quarrel with another passenger. The singer was allegedly drunk when she was on the flight, and the incident also led to a delay in the flight, which took off the next day.

Although Fox was held in jail, she has been released and is on bail until March 2024, as per The Sun. The outlet states that Fox has responded to her arrest by saying that she is "sorry" for the disturbance and is cooperating with the cops as they investigate the case.


Fox has gained recognition for her work as a model and has released six albums in her career so far.


Samantha Fox was arrested for alleged drunken disturbance on London to Munich plane

Samantha Fox reportedly argued with a passenger on a flight to Munich. The reason behind the dispute remains unknown, and she was arrested by the police on a charge of drunken disturbance, as per Deadline.


While the police refused to reveal the arrested individual's identity, they claimed that she was in her 50s. The Sun states that the plane was supposed to take off before the dispute happened, and it had to turn back for the same. The passengers had to leave the flight and spend the night inside a hotel.

The flight, which was taking off from Heathrow, continued its journey the next day. Although Fox has been released, her representatives were unavailable to comment on the arrest.

Samantha Fox's alleged arrest is a new addition to her list of problems over the years. As per The Sun, Fox was a victim of stalking at a young age, and she had to take protection from bodyguards for the same. She claimed in an interview with The Guardian that some fans used to touch her hair and participated in dangerous stunts like "escape in helicopters off roofs."


She has been dealing with another loss after her sister Vanessa passed away from a heart attack in March 2023. According to The Sun, Vanessa reportedly collapsed at her residence and had to be hospitalized.


Samantha Fox teased her new album a long time ago

Samantha Fox's last album was released in 2005, and her fans are eagerly waiting for a new one. Back in January last year, she appeared on a podcast called A Journey Through Stock Aitken Waterman, where she spoke of an album she recorded with producer Ian Masterson. She added that the album is complete and continued:

"I've just been approached by a promoter from Australia to do a tour here. So I'm hoping that my agent and the promoter will come to an agreement, and I'll come to Australia – which I love!"

The Mirror states that she was reportedly planning to return to television at the same time, and she reportedly finalized a few deals with Netflix, BBC, and ITV. She was additionally working on a documentary, which was supposed to focus on her career over the years.


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