Leslie Charleson returned to General Hospital in December 2023 (Image via ABC General Hospital)

Will Leslie Charleson return to General Hospital? Explained

Leslie Charleson’s Monica Quartermaine returned to General Hospital in mid-December, 2023, after more than a year-long gap. Since her introduction to the series in 1977, Monica has been an integral part of the show and had the most interesting character development over the years. The doctor with a feisty character and a stormy past has kept viewers hooked for more than four decades. However, in recent times, Monica's presence on the show has been recurring rather than consistent.

Having been off-screen since early 2022, Leslie Charleson made an appearance in the episode dated December 14/15, 2023. While longtime viewers and fans of General Hospital are delighted to have the actor back in the show, there are speculations about her health. Her return to the show may be short-term or kept as a recurring cast if the plot does not need the 78-year-old’s active participation.


How long was Leslie Charleson in General Hospital?

Leslie has played Monica for 46 years (Image via ABC and YouTube@ackgh73994)

Leslie Charleson joined ABC's General Hospital in 1977 and she was a replacement for Patsy Rahn who had debuted Monica Quartermaine’s character in 1976-77. Since then, Leslie has portrayed the strongheaded cardiologist for 46 years.

She presented all the emotional upheavals and unconventional experiences of Monica through her consistent and effective performance. Leslie received four Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress. However, her full-time status was changed to recurring status in August 2010.


Is there an update on Leslie Charleson's health?

In the last year or two, Leslie had been conspicuously absent from General Hospital. While she was connected to the storyline through references such as a phone call received from her or her being away at official conferences, she did not appear in the show.


As such her recent appearance has been both delightful and concerning for fans. She seemed to perform her role of Monica Quartermaine sitting down and speaking slowly leading to speculations about her health.

In the past, whenever the actor faced any medical issue, she announced it to her fans, whether it was tripping over her dog and injuring her foot or fracturing her hand to save her tortoise. However, this time, there has been no official word about her long absence from General Hospital.

Has Monica been replaced in General Hospital?

Monica Quartermaine is a lively character in the show (Image via ABC and YouTube@ackgh73994)

Monica Quartermaine is one of the pillars of the plot of General Hospital. The character, missing in action for more than a year, was supposedly off at official conferences and making long-distance phone calls to check on her family. However, she arrived in person in the mid-December episodes and had a quick meeting with Dr Finn and her sister-in-law Tracy.


While Leslie looked weak and ill in front of Tracy, played by 76-year-old Jane Elliot, fans hope the actor is back in the storyline and continues having occasional appearances. There are whispers about her re-joining due to the episodes that will pay tribute to Bobbie Spencer, played by the late Jacklyn Zeman. Monica’s return may bring closure to Bobbie’s character.

Leslie had been replaced twice before in General Hospital. In 2018, when she injured her foot and had to wear a cast, Patty McCormack replaced her till she could take over again. Similarly, four years later, in 2022, Leslie had to drop out of an episode, and Holly Kaplan was roped in to play Monica Quartermaine.

Since the production team is not bringing in any replacement for Leslie, it appears the actor will likely continue portraying the iconic Monica Quartermaine in the upcoming episodes.

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