Stewart Devine (R) before going on holiday (Image courtesy: Edinburgh News)

5 instances when players missed matches due to bizarre reasons

Saiyed Adeem Karim

Luis Suarez almost missed the tie against Arsenal Arsenal fans almost got a reprieve before their UEFA Champions League game against Barcelona when news filtered out that Luis Suarez had forgotten his passport at home. Things didn't turn out all that well for the Gunners as a club official rushed back to the Uruguayan's home just in time and Suarez was able to take the field against the Premier League side.Luis, however, was pretty close to missing out on a game due to some carelessness but it wouldn't have been the first time someone had missed out on a game for some crazy reasons.We look back over the years and list out five instances when players missed games for their team due to bizarre reasons:


#5 Stewart Devine - On a holiday

Stewart might not be a household name in the world of Scottish football but he did miss one of the biggest games in his career when his amateur Scottish side Bo’ness United faced Arbroath in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup.

It wasn't that Devine was injured or suspended but he was actually away on a holiday. To be honest, Devine is not a professional footballer and expecting an amateur side to reach the finals of the competition is a little too much to ask for. 

Devine probably made plans for the holiday a while ago and also had a full-time job to support his footballing career. Still, it was a pretty bizarre reason to miss out on a game.

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