Stewart Devine (R) before going on holiday (Image courtesy: Edinburgh News)

5 instances when players missed matches due to bizarre reasons

Saiyed Adeem Karim

#4 Anton Ferdinand - Party time!

The party animal, Anton Ferdinand

The younger brother of England and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, Anton did have a few good years in the Premier League with West Ham. The defender though was also caught up for missing a game for the Hammers due to a legitimate reason.

Ferdinand asked for some time off to visit his ailing grandmother on the Isle of Wight. The truth, however, was a completely different story, Anton had gone to party with a few other players at the Knock Knock nightclub in South Carolina.

Alan Curbishley, the West Ham manager at that time was upset, and rightly so. The Englishman fined Anton two weeks' wages, a small price to pay for such a big lie. He could have just told the truth to the manager, he would have understood the situation, we guess.

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