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  • "The issues we have are beyond in-game"- Sen Kaplan on their performance against Evil Geniuses at VCT Americas League
Kaplan from Sentinels' Valorant roster (Image via Sentinels Twitter)

"The issues we have are beyond in-game"- Sen Kaplan on their performance against Evil Geniuses at VCT Americas League

VCT Americas League's regular season is nearing its end as the teams are now preparing for the playoff season. The upcoming days will offer a tough challenge to the remaining teams as they look to deliver their best to make it to the tournament's next stage. That said, Week 6 had a few great games that included matchups like EG vs Sentinels. While the latter had a heartbreaking defeat, they still put up a decent fight against their opponents.

After their game against EG, Kushal Bhattacharyya from Sportskeeda Esports had the opportunity to talk to the current Sentinels coach, Kaplan, and ask him a few questions about their game at the tournament.


Sentinels Kaplan on performance against EG at VCT Americas League Week 6 and more

Q: Was the game today up to your expectations?


Kaplan: No, it was not.


Q: How much has the roster improved since you stepped in? Are the results satisfactory?

Kaplan: Honestly, we haven't improved enough, and the results have been unsatisfactory.


Q: Why do you think Sentinels struggled so much trying to catch up to EG’s lead?

Kaplan: I think, at this point, the issues we have are beyond in-game. We just need to find better ways to blend as a team and have more confidence and ideas flowing as we play.

Q: How much do you think TenZ’s break affected the roster mentally moving forward in the VCT Americas League?

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Kaplan: I don't think that's a major cause for any of our issues right now.

Q: What do you think Sentinels need to improve the most now in the VCT Americas League?

All clout, no brakes

Kaplan: I think everyone on the team needs to show that they really want it. And we all need to make the effort to feel more like a team.

Q: Which team are you the most excited to face moving forward in the league?

Kaplan: I'm excited to face FURIA as we continue to work through our issues. They are a strong team, it would be a good challenge for us. It can be a tough matchup at this point, and I'm expecting a challenging game.

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