With Sacy and pANcada now confirmed, how is Sentinels' Valorant roster gearing up for VCT 2023?

How is the Sentinels
How is the Sentinels' Valorant roster shaping up ahead of VCT 2023? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sentinels announced the acquisition of former Valorant LOUD athletes Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi and Bryan “pANcada” Luna for the upcoming VCT 2023 tournament circuit. The renowned North American esports organization formalized the long-standing popular theory of acquiring the powerful Brazilian duo on October 15.

Earlier this month, Sentinels acquired former XSET athlete Zekken. The team's officials also announced the renewal of the iconic Valorant player TenZ's contract. With the latest recruits, the organization is required to fill just one spot in the playing five to complete its initial roster.

pANcada and Sacy join Sentinels' Valorant roster filling the two important support roles

pANcada and Sacy were formerly part of the reigning champions of Valorant Champions 2022, LOUD. Following a round of speculations regarding LOUD breaking up, the duo's fate for VCT 2023 has finally come to light.

pANcada will be assuming the role of a controller (smokes) for Sentinels, similar to what he did for his former team. His intelligent plays with Omen have mesmerized everyone who witnessed them. Sacy is extremely good with Sova and Fade and will thus assume the role of an initiator for Sentinels.

As fans may know, Zekken has showcased strong output with Duelist Agents like Neon and will assume the same role for Sentinels. TenZ has mainly played Chamber for a while now and is expected to continue giving his opponents a hard time with the Operator.

With duelist and support roles filled, Sentinels are yet to acquire an in-game leader for the star team. Earlier this month, former Sentinels' IGL ShahZaM was allowed to explore options outside of the organization. Hence, SykkoNT and Kaplan, the brains behind the rebuild, are yet to find a suitable captain to lead TenZ, Zekken, Sacy, and pANcada next year.

Various reports suggest former XSET IGL Rory “dephh” Jackson might be the one to lead the Sentinels' roster, but without official confirmation, nothing can be said for sure.

How is the roster shaping up so far?

From what it looks like, Sentinels is shaping up to be one of the strongest teams in the VCT Americas League, which consists of top organizations, namely 100 Thieves, NRG, Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, LOUD, Furia, MIBR, KRU Esports, and Leviatan.

While other partnered teams are surely working on building the best rosters they can, the Sentinels have acquired some of the best-performing athletes who have showcased tremendous promise in the past. They will definitely stand up to their names in the upcoming VCT 2023, which will commence with a kickoff tournament for the partnered teams in February.

The fifth and final member of the Sentinels is yet to be known. The last spot also happens to be the most important one, as in-game leaders play a crucial role in winning matches. The organization has picked influential athletes for its roster so far and is expected to surprise fans with its final pick as well.

SykkoNT and Kaplan, the Sentinels' coaching duo, have done an impressive job in building a promising Valorant roster for VCT 2023 so far. Sykko, who was previously a part of the XSET family, is one of North America's most influential managers and able coaches.

Earlier this month, Sentinels acquired SykkoNT as the head coach for its Valorant roster. Kaplan, formerly a coach for Ghost Gaming, was acquired as the strategic coach for the roster.

With SykkoNT and Kaplan behind the formation, Sentinels' Valorant roster is bound to look stronger than ever. However, fans are yet to see what the duo has planned for the most important spot on the roster.

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