5 Valorant Agents with the most inspiring designs

5 Agents that have great designs in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 Agents that have great designs in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant, Riot Games' popular tactical first-person shooter game, features an impressive roster of 19 Agents. Each comes with a definitive utility kit, depending on their role.

While the character design team exerts a lot of effort into creating every model, some work has garnered humongous praise over others. Valorant's character roster is beaming with some of the most inspiring designs already. Additionally, speculations involving a new Agent have recently surfaced.


Apart from introducing changes, including buffs and nerfs, the team keeps a close eye on the player base's utilization of the game's meta. The character team also considers player feedback and depending on the same, has reworked some Agents too.

Each character's design in Valorant comprises several elements, namely their appearance, attire, voicelines, lore, and their utilities. In fact, Riot's free-to-play hero shooter features some of the best examples of character designs in the genre.

5 Valorant Agents that won over the fan base with their designs

1) Chamber


One of the most attractive faces in the game is that of Chamber, a powerful Sentinel Agent. His abilities require him to be a sharpshooter and a passive intel-gatherer for his team.

The weapon designer is of French origin, and features intriguing voicelines alongside an interesting lore pitching him as a doubtful but charming character.

Chamber received a couple of nerfs, owing to his potent ultilities becoming one-sided and difficult to counter. However, many fans aren't happy with the changes, which have hampered his overall presence. That said, Chamber still stands strong in Valorant from a design perspective.

2) Viper


One of the most popular Controller Agents in the game, Viper is toxic in nature and her poisonous utilities complement her nature. She hails from the US and was one of the founding members of Valorant Protocol. Her aggression is yet to be explained, making her one of the most mysterious Agents in terms of lore.

That said, Viper features eye-catching attire and an attractive appearance, making her extremely popular among fans. All four of her ultilities are extremely useful in both offense and defense. Her abilities induce fear among her enemies, especially because of the health decay associated with them.

3) Yoru


Yoru may be difficult to master as a Duelist Agent, but he features one of the best designs in Valorant. His appearance, attire, and animations associated with his dimension-tearing ultilities offer a very attractive vibe, and would impress anyone who loves to conquer enemies with style.

Yoru also features an interesting voice, all thanks to Daisuke Takahashi. His utilities allow him to be an undefeatable trickster, if used wisely. That said, he wasn't viable as an Agent until he received a massive rework earlier this year.

He remains underpicked due to his challenging utilities, but his pick-rate is definitely better than ever.

4) Phoenix


An impatient character of Afro-British descent, Phoenix is more than just a viable Duelist Agent after his much-needed buff last month. He features an attractive appearance alongside a flattering attire. He also has of the most interesting dialogues in the game, entertaining his fellow Agents alongside the players.

Phoenix once fell out of the game's meta, making him one of the least picked Agents, due to his underwhelming ultilities. Following the buff, his pickrate in Valorant shot up, providing him with the deserved popularity.

Being one of the Radianites, Phoenix also has interesting lore. He seems to share a special bond with Jett, another popular Duelist Agent, who calls him "pretty boy."

5) Neon


One of Riot Games' most attractive character designs in Valorant happens to be that of Neon. Her "electrocuting" appearance won many hearts, as much as her fun-to-play ultilities.

Neon features a very flashy modern look and feel, which other new Agents lack. She is a Radianite and, like Phoenix and Yoru, features interesting lore too. Neon doesn't seem to get along with Chamber due to a past misunderstanding, according to a previous voiceline.

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