How to use reverse flash with Phoenix in Valorant

Phoenix players will be happy to learn this new trick in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Phoenix players will be happy to learn this new trick in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant made some major changes to the game with the release of the 5.01 patch for Episode 5 Act 1: Dimensions.

Phoenix received a buff that made his playstyle more aggressive than it used to be, and more players are picking him up now that he is a more viable option to opt for. The famous reverse-flashing technique is slowly becoming a new Phoenix meta.

Recently, a lot of YouTubers have started showing the neat trick of reverse flashing their opponents using the Curveball flash.


It is a simple trick which requires timing and some good mouse adjustments. Players can remarkably secure kills with this alluring trick given that it is used correctly.

This article will guide players on how to use this technique effectively and get a few frags off of it.

Guide to use the reverse flash technique with Phoenix in Valorant

Since the changes were made to the Phoenix flashes, they are now much more dependable than before. The changes are as follows

  • Flash Max duration increased 1.1s >>> 1.5s.
  • Flash Windup decreased 0.7s >>> 0.5s.

Since the flash now lasts much longer than before, it gives Phoenix players plenty of time to look for the flashed target and put them in the crosshairs to take the shot.

On top of that, the windup time is also decreased to 0.5 seconds from 0.7 seconds, which gives players a small window when they are looking for a quicker peek.


The trick is a lot easier than it looks, and here is how players can pull it off:

First and foremost, players must ensure they are covered from the angle they are about to flash and swing. Being exposed to Curveball's exploding radius could blind the players, and as a result, the trick will fail.

Following this, players can flash and look in the opposite direction once the Curveball explodes, blinding all players nearby. The Phoenix player will recover vision much faster compared to those who were fully exposed to the Curveball.

This will allow Phoenix to get an easy frag on the blinded player. More than one frag is possible in this situation if more players are blinded to the flash.


This trick can be used in almost every map in Valorant since almost all of them consist of tight corners at entry points. However, players must ensure they aren't rotating too early while flashing a corner, as the opposite trajectory can blind them before they swing.

This is everything a Phoenix player should keep in mind to make this trick work. It might be a little overwhelming for some Valorant players to grasp the concept of the trick all at once, but there is nothing some practice and a few rounds of Spike Rush cannot handle.

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