Valorant Yoru rework: Will the agent finally get his redemption in 2022?

How will the new and improved Yoru perform in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2? (Image via Riot Games)
How will the new and improved Yoru perform in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2? (Image via Riot Games)

After an eternal wait, Yoru's rework finally arrives in Valorant with Episode 4 Act 2. Since his release, Yoru has been recognized as one of the most underpowered agents in Valorant, which has led to his rework.

With improved Fakeout and Gatecrash ability, Yoru is looking seemingly better than he used to, which makes him a more viable pick for ranked. Although these abilities have been present in the game for a long time, Riot Games has made some tweaks to improve existing mechanics.


How Yoru can become a feasible pick for Valorant after Episode 4 Act 2 update

The biggest problem Yoru seems to have throughout multiple seasons is how easy it is to counter his abilities. His Gatecrash ability was merely an orb that traveled slowly, making it an easy target and sabotaging the agent.

In Episode 4 Act 2, this ability will see some changes as Riot Games has increased the speed the orb travels in and added fake sound effects that can bewilder his foes.

Additionally, his Fakeout ability will observe some changes in the next update and won’t be the same. Earlier, Yoru could only send decoy footsteps to confuse his enemies, but now he can deploy a fake self that can move in a particular direction.

This change makes a huge difference as players can get off guarded by an observable decoy and not by sound only.

Players can also combine these abilities to bring variations and win victories through trickery. However, it all depends on the players on how they want to utilize the agent’s new features and plan out their approach to situations.

Yoru's ultimate abilities have also seen major changes as he can cast his abilities while ulted and not get revealed visually. But, this also comes with a downside as players will hear his footsteps.

Overall, Yoru’s new changes look good. In the end, the agent seems like a good pick as Duelist as players can pull off some insane plays. However, all these things can be confirmed as soon as players try the new and improved Yoru in Valorant.

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