When are Valorant Yoru changes going live?

Yoru changes are finally coming to Valorant. (Image via Riot Games)
Yoru changes are finally coming to Valorant. (Image via Riot Games)

Yoru, the Valorant Japansese duelist agent, has had a low pick rate since its release in Episode 2 Act 1.

After developers declared an infinite delay in Yoru reworks, many fans were disheartened. However, the wait is finally over, as developers are working on brining major changes to the agent soon, early next year.

Yoru has experienced an all-time low pick rate in competitive matches and also in the Valorant esports tournaments, including VCT. He was barely picked in the matches, as his abilities were only viable for certain situations and didn't allow him to take aggressive fights, at least when compared to the other duelist.

Yoru reworks coming in early 2022 to Valorant

Yoru's Fakeout (C) and Gatecrash (E) abilities were heavily criticized by the community for their lack of potential to outplay as a duelist. Thus, the developers have decided to bring changes to these abilities.

The Fakeout is expected to go through a complete rework, where a visual carbon copy of Yoru will appear instead of his fake footsteps. Further, for Gatecrash they would reduce the visibility range of the tether on the map for enemies, and increase its speed by 20%.


In a recent State of the Agents blog post, John Goscicki, the character producer, and Ryan Cousart, the game designer at Valorant, mentioned,

"Although we’re confident these changes will help Yoru get to a better state, when he drops early next year, we’ll continue to monitor them to ensure we can quickly make adjustments accordingly. I know you’ve been waiting, but we hope you all end up having as much fun as we’ve had with Yoru (internally) and I’m stoked to see everything you can soon teach us about Yoru and his fresh gear."

Yoru is expected to complete its one-year in Valorant on January 12, 2022. The exact release date of Yoru's rework update has not yet been revealed. However, the developers have informed it will be early next year, in 2022.

Developers will also release another Yoru special before the update arrives. Thus, fans will be notified more about the upcoming agent rework in Valorant.

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