The Hounds of Justice reunited after Summerslam 2018.

3 Superstars who could replace injured Seth Rollins in the Shield 

  • These 3 superstars could fill the shoes of the Architect.
Thomas Lowson

On RAW this week, Shield member Seth Rollins suffered a serious injury, after the trio were attacked by most of the RAW locker-room.

Obviously, if Seth is to miss time, it will come as a massive blow to the group, who reunited last year but were abruptly broken apart after Dean Ambrose got injured.

The trio were a dominant force in their initial run from 2012-2014, and have continued a path of destruction apart, with all 3 holding the WWE championship on one fateful night (Money In the Bank 2016).

But if Seth does need to step away, it could be time for Reigns and Ambrose to adopt a third man to the 'Hounds of Justice'. Here are 3 superstars who could replace the 'Architect.'

#3. Finn Balor 

Could Bálor replace Rollins in the group?

The inaugural Universal champion is no stranger to the group, as he faced Seth Rollins in 2016 to win the coveted Red-strapped belt, and has faced Roman Reigns on multiple occasions.

Balor is no stranger to working in a team, as a key figure of the Bullet Club, as well as teaming with his 'Good Brothers' Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in WWE.

Having the Irish superstar join the group could maintain Rollins' risk-taking style, which compliments the erratic fury of Ambrose, and raw power of Reigns perfectly.

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Published 05 Sep 2018, 05:15 IST