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3 WWE Superstars who never changed managers and 3 who did

  • Let's take a look at 3 WWE greats who never changed their managers, and 3 who did.
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One of the most crucial aspects of WWE, and professional wrestling as a whole, is the on-screen manager. A professional wrestler is someone who can go at it in the ring and produce quality matches that will make fans buy tickets to see them perform, and assigning a manager to a particular wrestler only helps their standing with the crowd.


Managers like Bobby Heenan, Paul Heyman, and Jim Cornette have aided several wrestlers in becoming household names and major stars in WWE.

In WWE's storied history, there have been many wrestlers who have changed their managers in storyline on multiple occasions, or at least once. On the other hand, there are a select few who never changed their managers throughout their careers. In the following slideshow, we will take a look at both of these categories.

#6 Rick Rude (never changed)

Heenan and Rude

After making a name for himself in several promotions, Rick Rude made his way to WWE in 1987. He immediately aligned with legendary manager Bobby Heenan and joined the "Heenan Family". Rude quickly established himself as a hated heel who loved showing off his incredible physique and berate the males in the audience for being unfit.

Rude's most memorable feud came in early 1989, when he attacked The Ultimate Warrior with a metal bar during a "Super Posedown".


The rivalry culminated in an Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania V, which Rude eventually won. Rude left WWE in 1990 during a feud with The Big Bossman. Heenan had been Rude's manager all this time, and was obligated to take on The Big Bossman in Rude's place in storyline. Rude came back to WWE years later, and had a brief stint with D-Generation X.

He left WWE again after the Montreal incident in 1997, due to his anger over the events that transpired at Survivor Series.

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