5 frustrations Sasha Banks shared in her shoot promo on WWE Raw

Banks let it all out tonight! #WWE #RAW

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Sasha Banks

It has been a while since Sasha Banks made her long-anticipated return to WWE TV. The Boss came out on the post-SummerSlam episode of Monday Night Raw and hugged her injured friend Natalya, only to turn on her mere seconds later and launch a ruthless beatdown on a helpless Natalya. "The Man" Becky Lynch came down to the ring and got into a brawl with Banks, which resulted in the latter beating the tar out of Lynch with a series of hard-hitting chair shots.

Last week, Banks interrupted Natalya's backstage interview and unleashed another beatdown on her, ending it by crossing the line and mentioning the late Jim Neidhart. Tonight, Banks opened the show and kicked off a verbal tirade, talking about a lot of things that included her WWE exit post-WrestleMania 35. Natalya came out and a brawl ensued, with officials trying to separate the two bitter enemies. Let's take a look at 5 frustrations Banks shared in her shoot promo on tonight's Raw.

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#5 On people talking about Banks' WrestleMania tantrum

Banks and Bayley

Soon after Sasha Banks disappeared from WWE TV following her big loss at WrestleMania 35, rumors began running rampant involving Banks and Bayley's backstage behavior at the show. The rumors stated that Banks and Bayley threw a major fit after losing their Women's Tag Team titles at The Show of Shows, and even went as far as crying on the floor in a backstage area after the match.

The IIconics talked about this in an interview, stating that they didn't see anything that was being talked about.

I mean, I know there’s all these rumours going around and we didn’t see anything. The rumours to us is [that] we didn’t see anything that we’re hearing.

Banks cleared the air tonight, stating that she did throw a fit and cried on the floor at 'Mania, but went on to explain why she did so, further in her promo.

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