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There are some superstars Jeff Hardy has never faced!

5 dream matches Jeff Hardy never had in WWE

Jeff Hardy is a living, high-flying nightmare. One of the top daredevils in wrestling, his arsenal includes Swanton Bombs and Full Body Splashes from turnbuckles and the highest of ladders. There's something to watch out for in every match.


On March 9, 2022, the former WWE Champion joined AEW. The refusal to be a part of WWE's Hall of Fame, according to him, was a tough decision. In a podcast, Jeff revealed how WWE paled compared to the "love and care" he received in AEW.

While Jeff Hardy's WWE return is a pie in the sky, below is a list of five matches he has never had in his entire WWE career.


#5. Shane McMahon

Here Comes The Money!

It's unclear why Jeff Hardy has never been one-on-one with the WWE Chairman's son, Shane McMahon. One reason could be that both are babyfaces who dislike heel turns. Following Jeff's departure, Shane stepped into the spotlight as WWE's daredevil. WWE prefers not to use two extreme daredevils simultaneously to avoid injuries.

52-year-old Shane, 2018 WWE World Cup winner, still has the potential to give iconic matches. A No Holds Barred or TLC match showcasing both superstars using every means necessary to take down the opponent will be a huge hit. Both tend to execute high-risk maneuvers for maximum impact.


#4. Finn 'The Demon' Balor

The Demon!

Finn Balor had the most impressive debut, winning the inaugural Universal Championship. Unfortunately, he departed the next day due to injury. Jeff Hardy's WWE return in 2017 could've provided the dream we've been waiting for, but Balor received no major push from WWE following his recovery.

The Demon persona has proven to be a major force. The match between The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling Jeff Hardy and The Demon Finn Balor sounds exciting, but it was never on the cards. It would've established only one as the "ultimate evil." Balor vs. Hardy could've been extreme with an insane amount of over-the-top-rope moments.

#3. Bret Hart

The Hitman Hart!

Hart's injury in 1997 due to a botched kick by Goldberg denied him of many iconic matches in his career. The Hardy Boyz debuted in 1994 when Bret and Owen Hart were feuding. Although we got Jeff vs. Owen, it's a shame that the in-ring charisma of Bret and Jeff never collided.


Lately, Hart affirmed his stance on not returning to AEW. A fight between Hardy and Hart, if handled correctly, would've been a huge success, with numerous twists and turns. Fans of both WWE and AEW would've seen the iconic Hart Sharpshooter. Hart deserved a big farewell match, and what better way to cap off his career than with a win over Jeff?

#2. Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare!

Although Jeff Hardy and Cody Rhodes were at their peak in 2007, they were never opponents. They've shared the ring in Battle Royales but never had a singles match. Fate played spoilsport again when both were rumored to have a match, but Rhodes chose to leave AEW.

A match between them could've been a big hit because both have a lot of fans. The battle of the cruiserweights, affected by the momentum provided by the crowd, would've swayed in anyone's favor. Like the Stone Cold and The Rock rivalry, Cody and Jeff would've proved who was the 'People's Champion.'

#1. Roman Reigns

The Head Of The Table!

The current Undisputed Universal Champion has never put his title on the line against Jeff Hardy. WWE was too focused on promoting The Hardy Boyz as a tag team rather than giving a chance to both Jeff and Matt to be individual champions.

@x_Beast17_x I TOLD YOU BRO PLZ

In a Broken Skulls Session episode with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jeff expressed his desire to confront Roman Reigns and put an end to The Bloodline:

"They (The Bloodline) aggravate me and he (Reigns) always talks about being The Head of The Table. I want to break the head of the table.”

But nothing came of it. Fans would've loved WWE's decision to put the best powerhouse against the best high-flyer in wrestling history; the babyface Jeff Hardy against the natural heel Roman Reigns in a high-voltage match.

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