Paul Heyman, the current Special Counsel to Universal Champion Roman Reigns
Paul Heyman, the current Special Counsel to Universal Champion Roman Reigns

5 ways Paul Heyman can affect Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel

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It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Paul Heyman ever since Brock Lesnar made his triumphant return to WWE at SummerSlam in Las Vegas. It has left the WWE Universe and The Bloodline wondering where Heyman's loyalties lie.


Is Paul Heyman loyal to The Bloodline and the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns? Is Paul Heyman fuelling Brock Lesnar's recent return? Is Paul Heyman just caught in the middle of a war between the two heavyweights of WWE? The match between Reigns and Lesnar at Crown Jewel will surely provide the answer.

That being said, let's take a look at five ways Paul Heyman can affect the Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar Universal Championship match at the upcoming pay-per-view.

#5 Paul Heyman can prove he is 100% committed to the Bloodline at Crown Jewel

Paul Heyman has been with the Tribal Chief since August 28, 2020. He declared himself to be Reigns' special legal counsel and led the Universal Champion to the top of WWE.

Along the way, Reigns' cousins, The Usos, brought into the idea of The Bloodline. The group took over SmackDown and are at the pinnacle of their careers. Nobody has been able to topple them from their throne.

6:51 PM · Jul 30, 2021

Paul Heyman discussed Roman Reigns' passion for being the best in an interview with Inside The Ropes:

"The one human being that I know of that was willing to take on that impossible impossibility is Roman Reigns, and Roman Reigns is so obsessed, consumed with, desirous of becoming the absolute greatest of all time. Undisputed, uncontroverted in that designation. He yearns for greatness every micro-moment that he’s on camera. He needs it, he lusts for it. To such a degree that it inspires me.” Paul Heyman said.

At Crown Jewel on October 21, Paul Heyman will have to show his commitment to the Bloodline and Roman Reigns. Heyman's task will be pretty simple: raise Roman Reigns' hand, with the Universal Championship, at the end of the match.

He knows Brock Lesnar's strengths and weaknesses. If Reigns conquers the Beast Incarnate with the help of Paul Heyman in Saudi Arabia, then his loyalty will be proven.

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